Since March 2020, like many, I have been watching the world fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and its crippling effects on people, organizations, and systems in our society. I have chosen to observe and gather as much information as I can during this time without drawing any reactive opinions or conclusions. I have researched the data and science (I have a background in the science of biology and health), and I have heard from different experts. I have examined the many financial and social repercussions of this situation for the present and the future. I have been open to considering what both the mainstream and the alternative media outlets have been sharing. And I have become aware of the sentiment amongst different people and groups throughout the world.

While reflecting on all of this and assimilating the patterns and behaviors that have emerged amongst those in governments, organizations, media, and ordinary people, there is something that stood out as the most disheartening and disturbing. This being how quickly and easily mass amounts of people around the world have readily given away their basic human rights and freedoms due to FEAR without any critical thinking, rational dialogue, or logical reasoning. This refers specifically to the actions taken by individuals to defend and fight for the very measures that are enslaving people while offering a false sense of security AND by policing, shaming, ostracizing, and trying to silence others who question any of the irrational measures being imposed. This behavior reminded me of a reaction that has been observed in many cases of abuse, known as Stockholm Syndrome, where the victims defend their abusers and stay loyal to them despite being harmed. We are watching a similar phenomenon transpire en masse in front of our very eyes throughout the world today. What makes it all even worse is the growing divide that is causing a more polarized society.

All reality is experienced as a perception. Whoever controls your perception, controls your reality. Thus, fear is the ultimate tool of control because it distorts perception and disables independent thinking.

Evita Ochel

It is as if all of a sudden, all basic understanding of the human immune system and how viruses work has gone out the window. All we are left with are irrational and highly charged emotional reactions. The majority of people have literally lost their minds and forgotten the basics of human wellbeing in the midst of the panic and paranoia that has been covertly created in response to the COVID19 virus. In the midst of our collective delusions, which have been pushed by many medical and science professionals, government officials, and regular citizens alike, people think the solutions include sanitizing the Universe, masking and vaccinating all humans, and stopping the natural processes of life, yet at the same time prevent the process of death. In trying to flatten the curve, we are directly prolonging the inevitable. Every flu virus has a natural cycle, and we are deluding ourselves in thinking that we are in control of nature with all of our false-sense-of-security measures. This is not to say that certain measures based on logic, wisdom, and sound science to minimize the impacts of the disease should not be taken, but the way the majority of the people and our world have responded defies what it means to be an intelligent, civilized, and advanced society.

Awakening From the COVID Delusion

So what is the solution to waking up from this delusion and taking back your life? The first and most essential step to take is to release the fear and ignorance that is monopolizing your thoughts and actions. Expect this to be more of a process than a single transformational moment, although, in truth, it can happen as quickly as you choose it so. Start by turning off and tuning out the mainstream media and the alternative media, which both operate by spreading fear, panic, doom, and gloom. There is nothing more infectious than a mind virus based on fear. As long as you are occupied with having others provide you with answers about what may happen and what you should do or not do, you are disabling yourself from taking personal accountability and responsibility for your wellbeing. You must start to think for yourself. Similarily, stop tracking and spreading the faulty and inflated case numbers and deaths, which only cements you and others deeper into fear. Stop following the projections and models, which are worthless without your participation in the game of fear. Instead, start to ask questions without looking for someone “out there” to provide you with the answers. As an animal that is part of nature, you have your own guidance system to know how to maintain your own wellbeing and survival. Tap into that innate instinct and connect with that timeless wisdom. Silence the outside world so that you can hear your inner world. Pay attention to what is transpiring and available to you internally.

As part of this process of going inwards for guidance, stop looking at what others are doing or saying, and start to focus on yourself and what you need to do to clean up your body and clean up your mind. Once you get these two things in order, you will begin to understand how powerful and capable you really are. With the right support from the inside out, you can overcome anything that comes your way without cowering down or being paralyzed by fear. Your body is intelligently designed to protect and balance itself and keep itself healthy. But it cannot do this while you work against it with toxic foods, toxic drinks, toxic substances, toxic thoughts, and toxic emotions. So step out and step away from the fear and garbage. Immerse yourself in foods, beverages, activities, content, people, ideas, and resources that are nourishing, healing, and supportive to your body and mind.

Societal peer pressure to conform runs strong, but the more we choose to think and act for ourselves, rather than be under the influence of group-think, the more likely we are to make effective and responsible choices.

Evita Ochel

As long as we continue to miss the root cause of the problem, the solutions will remain out of our reach. This is what we are observing taking place globally as science, medicine, and governments have failed to offer people preventative measures for decades and are today scrambling to put out fires that they directly created. We are conditioned day-in and day-out with the message that the actions we must take are all about “saving lives.” Yet, these very same lives don’t seem to matter much when the disease onset is slow, and death rates are not made into a grand spectacle, as is the case with chronic diseases daily. So let’s not be naive or gullible but have the courage to acknowledge that a mess has been created by those whom we trusted and today our freedoms are paying the price for their actions and inactions. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases, as well as obesity, are directly created by the foods, drinks, substances, toxins, and lifestyles that our medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and government organizations allow being created, promoted indiscriminately, and made most accessible. Ironically, these very same conditions are what today puts COVID patients at most risk of complications and death. Yet all of it could have been prevented. Thus, we must not lose sight, as this is not about taking sides of whom we should protect or mourn for more. Both the person that died last year of a heart attack and the patient that dies this year of COVID complications deserve our sympathy. This is not the time to start playing favorites. Yet, the exaggerated emphasis on COVID patients is causing many to do just that, which drives deeper the message of fear and attempts to justify the extreme measures taken.

It is time, therefore, that we stop fooling ourselves with delusions that distort the reality and see things as they indeed are. It is complete insanity and against all rational and reasonable health measures to shut down and police people in natural areas, like forest trails, parks, and beaches, while keeping liquor stores and fast-food restaurants open to make alcohol and toxic foods readily available. The former leads to the creation of health, while the latter leads to the destruction of health. So let’s get clear and honest; if our medical, scientific, and government organizations were genuinely serious about saving lives, then they would be acting very differently as part of their normal operations by moving away from a disease-centric approach to a health-centric approach that promotes and supports actual health and wellbeing. They would stop creating, marketing, and subsidizing bluntly harmful substances, including tobacco, alcohol, sugar-laden foods and drinks, and the thousands of other foods, drinks, drugs, and personal care products that contain ingredients that harm the human body and threaten our health. And let’s not overlook the onslaught of toxic chemicals allowed to be injected into every part of our environment. Of course, for this to happen, it would require that they change their priorities from making a profit off of disease and sick people. Our personal and collective wellbeing will only come about by applying measures based on Total Harm Minimization where we hold the big picture in mind. The more narrow any solution is, the more it misses, creating bigger problems than it tried to solve.

Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.

Evita Ochel

It is all too easy at any point of this realization to want to move into states of anger and blame. However, none of that will solve anything, reduce the suffering, or help to rectify this situation. It will only cause more harm to you and put more stress on your health. To become aware of something harmful or unpleasant does not mean that we should resort to fighting that thing. This is one of the greatest challenges for the evolving human mind to grasp. As long as we are fighting something, we are in a state of resistance, and healing can only come from a state of acceptance that is followed by the right action. Therefore, stop hurting yourself. All of the actions and measures that we have seen around the world before and during this pandemic are bringing our personal and collective shadows to light and illustrating a critical lesson: When people are unprepared, they panic and make hasty decisions that create more problems in the long-run than they try to solve in the short-run. A narrow and myopic view always misses seeing the big picture, and we need to start seeing the big picture for the sake of our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. In addition, as a society, we are ripe for change to take a different approach to our dysfunctional world systems that prioritize greed, injustice, violence, and destruction. But we must use this turning point wisely so that we actually improve things, rather than make them worse.

Fear is what created the monster in the room, and in order to overcome the many problems and enslavements that we have today, it is not about getting rid of the monster, but about getting rid of the fear.

Evita Ochel

There is another way through this and out of this, and it does not involve lockdowns, social distancing, masks, vaccines, drugs, and removals of fundamental human rights and freedoms. It does not require everyone to participate in anything or agree with everything, so don’t wait for others to change or try to force them to change. This all starts and ends with each one of us and how we are each going to process, release, and learn to overcome our fears. In this regard, overcoming our fear of death is the most vital step on our journey to freedom and liberation. This is the root of all fear that is driving this entire situation and people’s reactions. And this provides us with the opportunity to free ourselves from its paralyzing grip over us. To stop fearing death, however, we must learn to engage with life as fully-functioning human beings and connect with the broader and timeless part of ourselves - consciousness. This means going beyond the narrow views and constructs of materialism and reductionism, which dictate all policies currently in our society on Earth. This is why this is your time to step up to the plate and take responsibility for yourself while contributing positively to the greater whole. This is your opportunity to be more than you ever thought yourself to be thus far by facing your shadows and owning your divine nature. Going back to an earlier point, the main reason why so many victims protect their abusers is that they cannot bring themselves to face the reality of the situation and deal with those emotions. Yet, facing it, accepting it, and dealing with it is essential for healing to take place and to be able to move past it. Thus, this is our collective opportunity to move past so much of the fear, injustice, and oppression that have been ruling this reality by facing things and demonstrating how powerful and capable we truly are. No matter how painful things and experiences may appear to be, we are suffering more by not dealing with them directly.

Internal and external are ultimately one. When you no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear, and when there is no more fear, you think, speak and act differently. Love and compassion arise, and they affect the world.

Eckhart Tolle

But be aware and mindful of not getting too confident at any given point during this journey because if you let your guard down, you are bound to be absorbed right back by fear. It may even disguise itself as “care and concern for others” or as “being responsible by staying informed” all the while it disempowers your abilities and disables your defenses, in addition to infecting others. Currently, many are trying to deflect their fear by calling other people selfish when they don’t agree with their actions, without factoring in the full spectrum of consequences from which each person may be operating. Yet the very notion of calling another person selfish stems from the fact that your selfish desires are not being carried out. So it would do us all a lot of good to infuse some humility into our approach with others. If you find yourself defending any kind of negative news or oppressive actions, then you can be certain that you are being controlled by fear. People speak of alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs as being addictive, yet those are nothing compared to the addictive power of fear. And the biggest reason why those substances have addictive properties is that they strongly possess the vibration of fear. (Remember, beyond the physical and chemical, everything is energy.) The fears that drive the consumption of all destructive, low-vibration substances include the fear of not being liked, fear of not being accepted, fear of speaking up, fear of not being good enough, fear of the unknown, and so on. Have you not had enough yet of putting yourself down, beating yourself up, and playing small?

Living in a World Addicted to Fear

We have a world today addicted to the very thing that is destroying it - F E A R - and we keep grasping at straws that we think will save us from drowning in it. This is why you must be super aware. This is the time to apply conscious mindfulness to every moment and situation. Observe, don’t react. Contemplate, and don’t distract yourself. Allow yourself to have your own view and allow others to have theirs. You do not need to agree; you just need to stop fighting others and walk your own path with courage and confidence. This is how you can most easily catch and stop fear in its tracks from taking you over and controlling your life. Whenever you do find fear present in your thoughts and actions, work to dismantle it within yourself instead of trying to dismantle its external trigger. We will never be able to control the so-called outside that includes the collective world as we know it, but we can control ourselves, and create change from the inside out. It is the only thing we can control, and this is our time to take the approach that has eluded human societies for millennia: Look within. Trust yourself. Master your own being.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

We cannot come out of this COVID situation afraid of our own hands, of our bodies, of other people, and of life in general. The reality is that viruses, bacteria, and other microbes are everywhere always, and most of them are beneficial and essential to the process of life. In fact, your health depends on appropriate exposure to them and the measures being taken by most governments worldwide blatantly go against the basics of human biology. The solution, therefore, is not living by avoiding the outside but by fixing the inside. The time now is to get stronger, not weaker, so that we are best equipped to handle whatever the future brings. Over the last few decades, specifically, we allowed ourselves to get distracted to the point of losing all connection with our bodies, with our minds, and with the natural world. We stopped thinking for ourselves and turned to external sources for all of our answers. We turned to governments, health and medical organizations, celebrities, media, social media, and gurus to tell us what to do. What to eat? How to parent? What to wear? What to watch? How to take care of our bodies? And the list goes on. In doing so, we have cut ourselves off from our instincts, our intuition, and our inner wisdom and guidance. Think about it: every wild animal in the world knows how to feed itself, how to keep itself healthy, how to stay away from danger, how to parent, and how to interact with its natural environment. And we humans, supposedly the smartest species, cannot do these basic things without someone else’s input? Not a chance, except when we’re made to believe that we can’t. By focusing inward, using states of reflection, contemplation, and meditation you begin the process of self-mastery. And the more you master your own body and mind, the less power anyone outside of you has over you.

Gain control over your life — and avoid illnesses such as the flu — by choosing love and alignment instead of drugs to create peace in your body and in the world

Maureen Minnehan Jones ~ Mind Body Health: Preventing the Flu Through Emotional Wellbeing

In the end, there is no enemy “out there,” and there is no one and nothing to fight. There is only this moment that is awaiting your awareness. This moment that is awaiting your acceptance. This moment that is awaiting your action to support the health of your mind and body in honest and effective ways that will translate to creating a better society for all. Imagine a world where most people choose to take personal accountability and responsibility for their own wellbeing and, thus, live in harmony based on Universal Laws, in alignment with themselves and the natural world. Such a world is possible, and it starts with you. The time has come for our human family to stop trying to survive and understand what it means to thrive. And when it comes to the COVID situation, it means waking up and looking beyond the details, the illusions, the lies, and the deceptions that have monopolized our minds and paralyzed our ability to be fully human. We are all deserving of basic human rights, specifically freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and health freedom, and we cannot allow ourselves to lose these rights due to fear and ignorance.

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The lack of evidence lockdowns actually worked is a world scandal. There is still not a shred of real proof that the planet’s reckless stay-at-home experiment made any difference.

Sherelle Jacobs ~ The Telegraph

So many minimize, dismiss, or otherwise defend the mainstream narrative because to do otherwise would require truly cutting the umbilical cord connecting them to mommy medical system and daddy government. It would require stepping into their adult authority which is their own, individual truth and sovereign power - a terrifying initiation to self that can feel like the world as you know it must end in order to accommodate this new truth and perceived reality. If we want to feel free, then why would anyone continue to trust and obey an authority that is not here to protect but rather to control and enslave?

Kelly Brogan, MD, Ali Zeck, and Sayer Ji ~ Why We Stay Asleep When Covid-19 Is Trying to Wake Us Up

When death emerges, as it has during the COVID-19 pandemic, we fall into a state of collective hysteria. Our refusal to deal with death is also related to the Covid-19 shutdown. Maybe the reason we acquiesced to our freedom being taken away and allowed the government to dictate the most important aspect of our lives so quickly, allowed so many businesses, livelihoods and sectors of the economy to be decimated, allowed ourselves to be locked down in our homes and allowed so many young lives to be impeded is because we have forgotten how to think about and talk about death and in so doing, have forgotten how to live with it.

Ryan Handlarski ~ Death Becomes Them: How Our Failure to Live With Death Led to the COVID-19 Shutdown

We are reaping the harvest that we have been sowing for decades and centuries. This is our banquet of consequences. The spinning fury at the core of our culture, animal agriculture, not only exploits and destroys the lives and purposes of animals, it does the same to humans as well, and we see this playing out now with this draconian lockdown of healthy people, eroding mental health, human rights, and economic independence, and destroying countless small and medium businesses.

Will Tuttle, PhD.,~ COVID-19: Our Banquet of Consequences

We’ve posed these simple questions to many highly trained infectious-disease doctors, epidemiologists, mathematical disease-modelers, and other smart, educated professionals. It turns out that, while you need proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a person of theft and throw them in jail, you don’t need any actual evidence (much less proof) to put millions of people into a highly invasive and burdensome lockdown with no end in sight and nothing to prevent the lockdown from being reimposed at the whim of public-health officials. Is this rational?

John Fund and Joel Hay ~ National Review