For millennia, humans have fought physical wars “in the name of God.“ In our modern times, the focal point and methods have shifted, but the same problem of divisiveness and destruction remains. Nowadays, the most prominent wars are psychological ones “in the name of Science.“ Never has this been more clear than during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since a few hundred years ago, science increasingly began to play a major role in our societies, influencing everything from our understanding of the Universe, ourselves, our health, medical and food systems, and more. With each century, at first, and nowadays, with each decade, people began to increasingly credit science with having all of the answers. Ironically, this goes completely against what true science is, which is an endless inquisition and discovery of all that is. As soon as we cap the potential of something or become too certain of something and solidify it into a belief system, it stops being science.

For many people, science has become a belief system - a world view. This is sometimes called “scientism” - where people take the dogmas of science to be a kind of religious belief system. And it’s this dogmatic belief system, which I believe is now constricting and holding science back in a very serious way.

Rupert Sheldrake

True science is about observing, questioning, changing, and doing things in the most intelligent and effective ways as new data emerges for all involved. Scientism is about presenting and solidifying facts that serve a fear-based agenda and the best interests of a select few. This is blatantly visible around our world today in every single sector, including medicine, especially the cancer, pharmaceutical, and vaccine industries, food, agriculture, and nutrition, climate, and environmental studies, and astronomy and space.

Today, people from all walks of life and academic backgrounds pay homage to modern science as if it were some God or deity, when in reality, it is a frail, faulty, and highly biased industry that has lost the real pursuit of science a long time ago. It is, therefore, helpful to become aware that we are using the term “scientific evidence” against ourselves routinely today to the point that it has lost most of its credibility. The truth is that good science is hard to find. Most of what masquerades as science today is nothing more than well-marketed corporate and political propaganda. Yet, people keep falling for the so-called “scientific” agendas that do nothing more than push profits up for those with vested financial interests in what “science” is trying to sell. In addition, science has been grotesquely distorted by politicians to push control measures onto the populace that would have never been tolerated otherwise.

There is very good reason to believe that much scientific research published today is false, there is no good way to sort the wheat from the chaff, and, most importantly, that the way the system is designed ensures that this will continue being the case.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry - Big Science is Broken

The solution to overcome the predicament that we are in is not to fall into states of anger, depression, cynicism, or hopelessness. The solutions reside in awareness and empowerment. Until a person accepts personal accountability for their life and wellbeing, they remain in a perpetual cycle of victimhood, prone to manipulation and exploitation. Unless and until we connect with the most powerful authority over you - yourself - you allow other people to make decisions for you that rarely, if ever, will have your best interest in mind. The more we connect with our own inner wisdom and intuitive guidance, the more we make sense of this reality and make the best decisions to live in an aligned and authentic way with our purpose. This includes connecting with authentic people and meaningful data that are based on integrity.

Overcoming Information Avoidance

The human tendency is to avoid information that we don’t like or don’t want to hear. Today, social media makes this very easy for us. Newsfeeds are tailored to fuel and confirm our prejudices and biases. However, this only creates a very ignorant and intolerant set of human beings who do not consider other sides and perspectives that may be just as true, if not more so, than what they have chosen to believe. No one is immune from this, not the highly educated academics and scientists and not the rest of the population.

One of the best articles on this subject is published on the Carnegie Mellon University website and is entitled Information Avoidance: How People Select Their Own Reality. As you go through life, unless you take a mindful, aware, and conscious approach to the information you come across, you are likely to sabotage the truth of any given situation and your own highest potential by accepting information that fits your worldview and rejecting information that you find threatening in some way. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people only stick to their own academic and social circles that make them feel safe and comfortable because they do not rock or challenge their worldviews.

The consequences of us avoiding information that we don’t like or don’t want to hear further create rigid belief systems and people who refuse to change their minds even when new and contradicting information is presented to them. If we are not open to new information or seeing things in a new way, we remain trapped within the illusions of our own minds. We may be suffering in numerous ways due to the beliefs we choose to guide our choices, but we still refuse to change. In turn, we have a very flawed view of reality.

These problems are rampant in modern science, which is constantly used to manipulate minds to conform to certain views, ideas, and beliefs in our society. Such dogmatic science outlines for all what is to be accepted as the “normal,” “smart,” or “superior” views. Anything that challenges these views is attacked or dismissed. As shared above, this is not true science.

They say ‘seeing is believing,’ but everyone sees what they want to see.”

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

If we are to create a better society that respects human rights and freedoms and acknowledges our autonomy, we must take steps to overcome information avoidance, especially in the fields of science. We need to stop accepting only that which is convenient and continues to propel popular narratives and get back to the open field of possibilities that true science presents. We need to be able to make our own choices when it comes to important matters, like how we deal with our health. The paradox of information avoidance is that every message out there can be made to be true and to be false. It all depends on the perspective and context, which are most often hidden from public view to skew opinions in one direction only. Therefore, the intelligent thing for each of us to do is not to be quick to agree or disagree with anything or attach strongly to any single view or conclusion. There are always more sides to the story, and by avoiding them, we are getting a faulty view of the situation before us.

The Role of Science in Your Life

Consider how much influence does “science” have on your life and the choices you make daily? If you are like most people, more than you realize. But how trustworthy and correct is this science that shapes how you live, eat, behave, and think? So much less than you realize. The quote below is such a worthwhile read, as is the whole article it came from, which is linked below.

If peer review is good at anything, it appears to be keeping unpopular ideas from being published.” …. “Which brings us to the odd moment in which we live. At the same time as an ever more bloated scientific bureaucracy churns out masses of research results, the majority of which are likely outright false, scientists themselves are lauded as heroes, and science is upheld as the only legitimate basis for policy-making. There’s reason to believe that these phenomena are linked. When a formerly ascetic discipline suddenly attains a measure of influence, it is bound to be flooded by opportunists and charlatans, whether it’s the National Academy of Science or the monastery of Cluny.

William A. Wilson - Scientific Regress

My intention for sharing this information is not to create more division of the “us versus them” kind. I intend to raise awareness and empower people like yourself to live a liberated life that is not dependent on the whims of corporate executives or power-hungry politicians who are trying to force their agendas onto you. I came from the world of “science” and idolized it at one time in my life, just as most people do, especially those that dedicate their lives to studying it. I was a student of science and a teacher of science. I know how it is all too easy to accept the science pushed on us without questioning it and to see what we want to, need to, and are programmed to see.

The more awareness we infuse into any given situation, the more we can loosen the strong attachments we have to our ideologies, beliefs, and ideas. Some of these may be serving us well; most of these are sabotaging our physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Most ideas promoted as “science” today lead us astray and keep us feeling small, scared, and limit our human potential. We need to swing the pendulum to some reasonable balance in how we think and live to regain control of our own destiny. As long as we keep giving our power away in the name of “science,” we will keep suffering and struggling. I invite you to open your eyes and expand your mind to start questioning more and think more for yourself. Stop taking things at face value as you are told and start to observe things for yourself. What does your personal experience tell you about any given situation - about your mind, your body, your relationships, our environment, and the Earth. Do you really see what they want you to see, or is there a different reality being presented in front of you? What does your experience tell you?

Real Science Starts With You

To navigate this reality in the most intelligent and balanced ways will take a lot of deconditioning and deprogramming. If we are to benefit from science, we must remove the money and the politics out of it. We also need to remove the fragile Egos of many academics out of it and regain objectivity, which is the foundation of true science. We will get the best of science when we start using it more within a holistic framework that helps us see the big picture and not just isolated details out of context. Any science that is not holistic in its approach is missing too much significance and value for the greater good. For example, whenever any “science” dismisses nature’s wisdom, the self-healing ability and intelligence of the human body, the wholistic, interconnected makeup of this reality, and the significance of consciousness, it is cutting itself off from the foundation of life itself. Such science will never accurately describe the workings of this world or guide people along the right path. Such science is only capable of serving agendas of fear, oppression, control, and profit. Such a science is not science.

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

Max Planck

Wars in the name of science will diminish as we each take responsibility for the contents of our own minds. Instead of continuously looking outside of ourselves to be told what to think and what to do, we must start looking inside ourselves and guiding ourselves based on our own experiences and critical thinking skills.

If we want to be guided by science, we must each take on the mindsets of true scientists who question, observe, collect data, and perpetually refine what they think they know. If we ever find ourselves jumping to conclusions, feeling certain, clinging to beliefs, or getting offended by someone else’s different ideas, these are clues that we have lost our way. In such cases, we are no longer guided by science but have fallen into dogmatic scientism, which is no different than any other ideology that came before it.

True science does not demand the belief in something, and it does not coerce or force others to see things as it dictates. True science is open, not closed, and it creates collaboration, not division.