Are you ready to listen and are you ready to hear what you have been avoiding due to your unconscious fear.

Are you ready to see beyond the illusions 
that have created for you so much confusion.

Are you ready to embrace the nature of your divinity and know the truth of your real identity.

Are you ready to live like an enlightened being 
in an empowered state that is illuminated and freeing.

Are you ready to fill the void you try to mask each day and learn how to live in an emotionally sustainable way.

Are you ready to walk your path with purpose and conviction, 
and gather meaning from every experience and direction.

Are you ready to evolve yourself spiritually and enhance the realm of consciousness infinitely.

Are you ready to seek the truth of your being and open the veils that prevent you from seeing.

Are you ready to look within for intuitive guidance which taps into the infinite stream of wisdom and intelligence.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of inner peace and liberate yourself to emotionally release.

Are you ready to learn what you came here to do and stop playing games that are sabotaging you.

Are you ready to align your mind, body and spirit to experience the fullness of your incredible merit.

Are you ready to push beyond the comfort zone you’ve known so that you can experience how much you’ve grown.

Are you ready to succeed in what you once thought impossible and embrace the potential that is available to all.

Are you ready to remember the source of all creation which provides feelings of the highest elation.

Are you ready to speak your truth and honor your voice to indulge in your gift of freedom and choice.

Are you ready to remove the notion of disconnection to experience oneness and your sacred perfection.

Are you ready to stop playing inferior and small and stand up to answer your heart’s innermost call.

Are you ready to apply what you have learned thus far and remove the lid from your wisdom’s reservoir.

Are you ready to be honest with yourself, first and foremost, and attend to your soul’s needs like a gracious host.

Are you ready to change habits that destroy your wellbeing 
into habits that support the wholeness of your being.

Are you ready to release the negative thoughts and beliefs to offer yourself some much needed mental relief.

Are you ready to drop the justifications and excuses and instead benefit from the results your effort produces.

Are you ready to silence all the noise and distractions, 
which only perpetuate your habitual reactions.

Are you ready to be present to this very moment instead of focusing on a past or future that is non-existent.

Are you ready to accept that which you cannot change and stop resisting against life’s widely diverse range.

Are you ready to realize your greatest potential, 
and release the idea of being inconsequential.

Are you ready to quit the game of lies and deception which harms all involved with its force of manipulation.

Are you ready to look past all the judgements and stories that have kept you from experiencing your greatest glory.

Are you ready to confront your emotional pain so that you can free yourself from its heavy drain.

Are you ready to let go of the fear and the drama, 
and allow yourself to heal your internal trauma.

Are you ready to experience the depth of your feeling in order to enhance the speed of your healing.

Are you ready to create a new vision for yourself 
to attract into your life spiritually holistic wealth.

Are you ready to live in an authentic way to experience the life you have dreamed of to this very day.

Are you ready to take responsibility for who you are and can be, and stop placing blame on your external reality.

Are you ready to nurture your physical vessel with proper self-care and food that is natural.

Are you ready to move into nature’s embrace to find your true home and sacred space.

Are you ready to love without limitations to free yourself from disappointments and expectations.

Are you ready to respect the life of all beings and acknowledge their suffering and unique feelings.

Are you ready to build instead of destroy and create a world that all people can safely enjoy.

Are you ready to lead and be your own guide to explore this realm’s potential, both far and wide.

Are you ready to forgive every grievance and insult as at the highest level there is no one at fault.

Are you ready to express kindness and compassion without expecting the same in return.

Are you ready to open your heart and embrace all others so that you can love freely beyond any labels and borders.

Are you ready to breathe and smile with ease and release all that which has caused you unease.

Are you ready to laugh and are you ready to cry to feel your emotions, and not hold back or justify.

Are you ready to proceed with focus and passion to live in alignment with your soul’s mission.

The time is now, the choice is yours may inspiration be your guiding force to live this life with conscious awareness and positively contribute to our collective wellness.