We come into this world as pure potential. We have no stories, no attachments, and no judgments. We are primed for love and cooperation. We are fully connected, fully present, and capable of unconditional love.

And then something starts to happen.

We begin to form a sense of “I”, “me” and “my”. We get molded to think a certain way, speak a certain way, and act a certain way. We get conditioned with all sorts of false ideas, beliefs, and fears. We begin to weave a story, form opinions and judgments, entering the dimensions of duality and separation. We learn what it is like to feel joy and feel pain. We learn the limits of the physical state and start to think that we are our thoughts, our emotions, our personalities, our bodies, our habits, our past, our families, our jobs, our religions, our ethnicity, our nationality, etc. We allow all of these things to control us and our state of being. During this process, we forget our divinity and our potential and stop existing as fully functioning human beings.

At our essence, however, we always are pure, whole, and complete beings of energy — expressions of consciousness. We enter this reality in this state of perfection only to have limits conditioned upon us and then work through each lifetime trying to remember and get back to that place of unlimited potential, wholeness, acceptance, and oneness. The work of this site is all about helping you to remember who you are at your essence by shedding all of the fictional layers that are impeding you from experiencing your true Self.

About Evolving Beings

  • It was created from an inner calling to awaken, seek truth, take personal responsibility, and evolve spiritually.

  • It began as a blog in January 2008, evolved to become a free, online monthly magazine; in January 2013 it became a living reference site, and got a full site update in January 2016.

  • It hopes to inspire and awaken you to achieve and live a life based on unconditional love, joy, passion, creativity, accountability, harmony, fulfillment and peace with all of creation.

  • It was named this way because spiritual growth and evolution are our natural states of being. The Laws of Nature illustrate to us two states of existence that all living beings operate from, growth or decay. It is through growth that we live, thrive, and expand to embrace greater perspectives about ourselves and life as a whole.

  • It puts a big emphasis on expressing our highest potential because from such a state all decisions, thoughts, and actions are made very differently. In our highest state of being, we are not inclined to hurt ourselves, others, or our planet in any physical, mental, or emotional way.

  • It is based on the idea that we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience. We are powerful creators and with the right focus and intention can create and live the lives we both want and need for our spiritual evolution. Suffering is part of life and of the human experience but the more we connect with our true spiritual nature, the more we are capable of transcending suffering in this physical reality.

  • It embraces the bigger picture of all that is and knows that there is a bigger purpose for everything, which is often not visible from our limited perspectives. As we evolve spiritually, we come to know that there is always a reason for all things based on the Law of Cause and Effect. None of us are in a place to judge the actions of another or their Karma but to focus on evolving ourselves to be the highest versions of love, peace, compassion, and goodness that we can be.

  • It is non-denominational and has no ties to any religion or organization. It does not endorse or support any rituals or tightly held beliefs that limit one’s infinite potential. It is based on universal spirituality, rooted in oneness, love, peace and compassion. It is a site that welcomes all and excludes none. It respects the teachings of other teachers but knows that the most important truths come from within each one of us and are not gained by blindly believing or accepting the truths of any external sources.

Evolving Beings Mission

  • Is to help raise individual and collective consciousness by fostering awakening, spiritual evolution, consciousness expansion, and mindful living. Its intention is to inspire you to create your reality consciously, take responsibility for your life, and live with meaning, joy, compassion, accountability, creativity, and peace. It helps transition others through the changes that are taking place on our Earth today.

Evolving Beings Vision

  • Is to help create a world where peace, love, and light prevail. A world where conscious living is the norm, and we each see our reflections in all life forms. A world where we acknowledge that we are all connected and where we respect nature and take care of it and each other without any discrimination or destruction.

EBTV: Evolving Beings TV

In 2010, EBTV was launched on EvolvingBeings.com providing a video platform to share consciousness expansion and heart-centered living material. It features site creator Evita Ochel hosting video episodes with various guests from the science and spirituality fields, as well as hosting her own video episodes on pertinent topics.

By January 2016, EBTV grew to include a collection of over 250 videos and continued to attract viewers from around the world, garnering over a quarter-million video views.

In 2018, EBTV was retired due to personal, professional, and global changes.

Evolving Beings Articles

Between its inception in 2008 and 2018, over 350 articles have been written for this site by the founding author and select guest authors. The topics have covered numerous areas of personal expansion on a mind, body, and spirit level, including self-growth, spirituality, metaphysics, heart-centered, and conscious living.

Since 2018, the site has been in the process of minimizing, updating, and fine-tuning its content, and guest author articles are no longer hosted.

Evolving Beings for You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this website. You can enjoy the content freely and use it to help activate or validate your inner knowing and the spiritual truths that are present inside each one of us. Keep in mind, though, that the greatest change comes from putting into action what we learn.

May wisdom, peace, and love prevail for all.