Each day we make choices. Choices that either empowers our state of being or disempowers it. Choices that lead to growth, joy, and happiness or choices that lead to various states of unhappiness. What do you choose each day?

Each one of us can live a life based on bliss, regardless of our circumstances. Each one of us has the ability to accept joy in our lives. However, what we decide is based greatly on how we choose to see things. Your perspective of events makes the difference between a good day or a bad day.

Ultimately we all have our free will with which to shape and carve our life to our liking. If you are “stuck” in a life that does not bring you joy, happiness, and bliss, I invite you to reflect today on the choices you are making.

Is it a matter of your perspective that perhaps could change?

Is it perhaps a matter of your words and actions that could change?

Ultimately there is no one right answer. Each one of us has the choice to walk down many paths. Each path presents its own joy and suffering. Each path is a reflection of our choices.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell

Have the Courage To Question Your Journey

It is not uncom­mon for any of us to know some­one who is doing some­thing that they are not happy doing. In fact, often that some­one is us. Mil­lions of peo­ple today around the world are doing things that they do not enjoy whether it be job-related, rela­tion­ship related, mate­r­ial related, or other.

But why do we do it? Why do we do things, and so often, and for so long, that does not bring us joy?

Most of us I imag­ine would say because “we have to” or because “we have no choice”. But think about this for a moment do you really?

Do you really think that this mag­nif­i­cent being that you are, who was gifted with free will has no choice?

If we step back for a moment and think of our­selves as the phys­i­cal beings we are right now and think for a moment what we “really” have to do, it only includes a very small num­ber of things. You have to drink water and eat. You don’t even have to breathe, as your sys­tem auto­mat­i­cally does that for you.

Even­tu­ally, you may want to move, you may want to cre­ate. How­ever, if we really dis­sect life and what we have to do, one can even argue that unlike pop­u­lar belief, we don’t even have to make money. There are numer­ous peo­ple in this world that ded­i­cate them­selves to a com­pletely non-materialistic life. Mother Theresa was only one example.

So we come back to our ques­tion – why do so many of us, do so many things through­out life that does not bring us happiness?

Numer­ous spir­i­tual teach­ers, such as Neale Don­ald Walsch or Abra­ham Hicks over and over tell us that life is sup­posed to be based on joy, and if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Yet we do.

Could it be that most of us have some­how con­vinced our­selves that there are things we must do?

Could it be that some­how, col­lec­tively all of us have spun an illu­sory web of “musts” that now we hold each other to in society?

And could it be that per­haps the things that we most wanted, some­how down the road we end up turn­ing into unpleas­ant chores?

Let’s think about it:

Your Job – you chose it. No mat­ter your edu­ca­tion or your finan­cial sit­u­a­tion – when you signed that con­tract, that was you exer­cis­ing your free will and say­ing yes. If it stopped bring­ing you hap­pi­ness, choose again. There is a sea of choices out there, just allow your­self to look and see them. For those who really feel that they “can’t leave” — you still can choose to change your per­spec­tive and cre­ate your own happiness.

Your Mate – you chose them. Unless per­haps you had a pre-arranged mar­riage, which even then some­one can argue there is still choice, you chose your mate. If things changed over the months or years, you still have choices at every step of the way in how you want to pro­ceed. No one has to be stuck in a rela­tion­ship that does not bring them hap­pi­ness, not for money, not for fam­ily, not for anything.

Your Kids – you chose to have them. Even if they were unplanned, you chose to engage in behav­ior where the result could have been them. Many of us say we have to do this or that for our kids, but is it really a “have to” or a “want to”? Aren’t kids, no mat­ter the age, the most pre­cious gifts we ever chose to give to our­selves? If you stopped see­ing that for what­ever rea­son, look at your chil­dren again.

No mat­ter what, at every step of the way, and every sin­gle day we have our free will to choose joy, hap­pi­ness, and bliss, or not. It starts with how you look at things, how you choose to see things, how you com­mu­ni­cate, how much love you have for your­self, for your life, oth­ers and so much more!

The Courage To Choose Bliss No Matter What

I know many of us have fears that hold us back from doing or being what we love, but when we overcome those fears, not even the sky is the limit. In other words, your hap­pi­ness is limitless.

I can tell you from per­sonal expe­ri­ence, that the Uni­verse truly does open doors as Joseph Campbell shared, where we thought there were only walls when we fol­low our bliss, trust and learn to let go. I see this in my life on almost a daily basis. Do what you love.

There is not a moment to waste. Look at your life today, exam­ine your choices, what are you doing that doesn’t bring you hap­pi­ness? Ask your­self, why are you doing it? How can you change it? How can you start to see it differently?

Life is pre­cious. Some would even say “life is short”. Live it with no regrets. The peo­ple around you are pre­cious. Don’t wait any longer to live a life of bliss.

Any sit­u­a­tion, even the grimmest can be turned around to be a pos­i­tive one. There are numer­ous exam­ples of peo­ple around us to show us that there is another way – a way to choose bliss no mat­ter what. Take Dan Caro as an exam­ple. At the age of 2, Dan was pretty much burned alive. Today with no hands, he is an excep­tional drum player who is a tri­umphant exam­ple of how excuses do not have to hold us back from any­thing and we can choose bliss no mat­ter what!

Every day when you wake up, you can choose to step on the road of bliss, live it, and spread more to oth­ers as you go!

What do you choose?

Whatever it is, your life is a reflection of your choices, and if you don’t like the reflected image, you need to change your choices.