During the weekend of August 22 and 23, 2009 in Toronto, physicist Tom Campbell shared a two-day workshop entitled Physics, Metaphysics, and Your Place in the Larger Reality. It was Tom’s first appearance in Canada and a great treat for his Canadian audience. In part 1 of Physics, Metaphysics, and Your Place in the Greater Reality, I introduced you to Tom Campbell and shared with you some of his work, which he presented at this event.

If you have never heard of Thomas Campbell before or his fascinating work, I encourage you to read the first part of this 2-part write-up, to learn more about Tom. This brief background will help you understand where Thomas’ work lies and how he got to be where he is today.

In brief, Tom Campbell is a nuclear physicist who has worked for NASA. He is also the author of an extraordinary book, where he compiled his life’s work about consciousness and the nature of reality, entitled My Big TOE – The Complete Trilogy. Today, Tom Campbell also travels around the world, sharing and introducing his findings to others. Thus, it is with great appreciation and pleasure that I share with you here today, a summary of the second day of his phenomenal workshop.

The Toronto Workshop Day 2

The second day of the workshop began with even more elevated energy of excitement, as we were all eagerly anticipating to learn more from Tom, as well as try some of the experiential exercises that he introduced us to on the previous day. Would we be able to travel to different realities? Would we be able to do a distance diagnosis and healing? Only time would tell.

Thomas increased the excited energy in the room, as he reiterated that, unlike the previous day, which was all about theory, today would be all about application. And not that any of us minded the theory, but of course there is perhaps nothing better than experiencing something amazing and out of this world for yourself.

He started talking about how we can all experience the larger reality. In this common reality that most of us are used to, most of us do not care much about asking the “how’s” and “why’s” about the nature of things. We wake up, take in the data that is right before our eyes as we go through our day and that is about it for the majority. As long as we think that someone “else” knows, we are satisfied. What Tom does, however, is he inspires and encourages each one of us to be the questioner of our reality. In fact, if we want to go beyond this reality, if we want to get out of our minds, we have to probe deeper because this will have a big effect on what we can accomplish.

So naturally, the first question on everyone’s mind was, can everybody do it? This meaning, can anyone access and become operational in the non-physical reality? To this Tom’s answer was, yes, indeed everybody can, but not many people do. This is of course not surprising. Just think of playing some sport or music instrument. Of course, everybody can do it, but only a few people are actually inclined to practice enough and stick with it, to get some significant results. It is the same with traveling out of our body (mind) and experiencing alternate realities.

At this point, Tom gave a lot of practical advice and walked us through the background of how to understand such concepts, before we become ready to attempt anything. Some of his advice included the following:

  1. Make experiencing alternate realities a natural thing, not a goal or some forced experience. The point at any given time Thomas stated, is just “to grow” and we can easily do that without ever experiencing the paranormal. As we grow or evolve, we natural decrease our entropy.

  2. Going out of body does not equal a better life. You have to be happy with what you have created in the physical here and now. The spiritual world, will not magically make your life better or take all your problems away.

  3. You are not failing in the game of evolution if you don’t master or experience the “out of body” experience. Yes, it can enhance our evolution in many ways, but it is in no way mandatory for evolution. This again goes back to what was said in #1.

  4. Learn to meditate. This is not something we have to do, as it is still “just a tool”, but it is usually good for beginners to examine their own consciousness.

  5. There are no short cuts. If we are serious about this, we have to develop it as a process, it is not a “one-time magical experience”. Having said this, Thomas explained that some people experiment with drugs or alcohol to get into a certain state, which they claim helps them achieve an OOBE. This, however, as Tom explained is counterproductive. You may get in and out of this one particular “heightened” state, but in the end, you still have no idea how it works, how to be fully operational in the non-physical and there is no room for growth.

  6. It takes practice and so we need to have patience. As stated earlier, yes everyone can do it, but the main reason why most people don’t is because we get bored, dismayed, disillusioned and just plain and simple don’t stick with it long enough to see results. I know this comes as no surprise as we do live in a society based on instant gratification.

  7. Don’t rush to get to the paranormal. We may get to one point of success, get our egos all wrapped up in it and actually stunt our growth, as we get stuck in one spot.

  8. Fear nothing – become fearless. What you find there, will be strongly influenced by you. Remember, we create our realities, so if you fear big, green monsters, guess what you will most likely find there…big, green monsters. Hence, we should get over all of our fears, if we are to have a positive and profound experience.

  9. Leave thinking and analysis out of it. As soon as we start to interpret the data, we start to lose it, in terms of the depth of the experience. It is normal that we will even question whether it is “real” or our mind is simply “making it up”. With this in mind, we also have to work on eliminating our beliefs. This is, of course, one of the areas that can take quite a bit of practice for some.

  10. Expect nothing and hope for nothing. This all ties into the above ideas of leaving our thinking and analytical mind out of it. We can analyze all we want after, but not before and during. Just observe and collect the data, and use your intellect only to direct the experience. Most importantly too, don’t judge or compare, whether it be our own experiences or to those of others.

  11. Gather data and formulate the evidence. This is especially critical to do in the beginning for two reasons: 1) that you know it is not just your mind making it up and 2) that eventually you have your own “proof” for these experiences. At this point, you will know this is “real” not just in theory, but in an experiential way.

  12. A low entropy consciousness can easily access non-physical realities (NPR) with little effort. Hence focus more on lowering your entropy here and now, instead of getting into the NPR – i.e. remember, moving towards becoming love. The NPR’s will usually follow naturally on their own.

  13. Don’t take NPR literally. In both, this physical reality and the non-physical reality, the data is objective, but how we experience it is subjective. Hence, two people can go to the same “place” out-of-body and have two completely different experiences. Thus, the more experience we have here and there, the better we are at interpreting that data correctly.

  14. Don’t bring back details, but concepts, feelings, ambiance, etc. There, all communication is telepathic, lumps of information, rather than linear patterns. Also, understand that here, when we come back and try to communicate it with others, we have to use words, which are limiting. Hence, our experience actually loses a lot of the accuracy with which we experienced it.

  15. Don’t try to duplicate anyone else’s experience. Others have their own filters, metaphors, and perspectives of what and how they see, experience and translate. You have your own. Thus be open to your own unique experience. Again this goes back to #10 about not having set hopes or expectations.

  16. Stay skeptical. Don’t just take the first experience as absolute. The ultimate goal of these experiences is personal growth, not just to have some “cool” experience. Stay open, stay skeptical and experiment in various ways, to really prove things to yourself.

Thomas then talked about the influence of “others” – meaning things like “spirit guides”. He explained that we are the ones who give them names, features and imagine them as beings, but in reality, they are so much more than that and so much more beyond all of that. In this segment, he explained how the guides work with us, how they help us, how they offer us training, etc. He also explained how we get assigned guides, based on our levels of evolution and so much more when it comes to this topic, including ideas about our higher selves.

Tom then addressed something which I am sure all of us wonder about, but few are brave enough to ask about, that being – negative beings. Indeed, Tom acknowledged that, just like in this physical reality, there are negative entities, so too they exist in the non-physical. Whereas most of us evolve, as we grow toward love and thus lower our entropy, others can actually manipulate this system by growing despite not lowering their entropy. It sounds worse than it actually is. Thomas explained, that this is very limited growth and is eventually self-limiting and weak. Thus, no negative entity has any power over you, unless you allow them. They can only affect you if you have fear. This again is not very different from what happens in this physical reality.

The bottom line is that as manipulative as some beings can become, whether in the physical or non-physical, the overall system is growing towards love, towards order, and towards lowering entropy. Hence, the system does not help or support things that are counterproductive to this idea. The benefit for the greater good is always considered first. That is why it is no surprise that from the beginning of time, no matter the source, we always hear that goodness, light, or love will prevail over darkness or evil. It may sound funny, but in such a system it is “scientifically” impossible to be any other way. Thomas also talked about some do’s and don’ts (as suggestions of course) for making contact with other beings (in the non-physical).

Tom then went on to cover the topic of remote viewing, diagnosing, healing and parallel processing. There are two, really important things that I think are really worth mentioning here, that Thomas explained when it comes to healing. First, we do not need to know the person’s full name, address, or any other details. Nor does it matter where in the world the person is. The only thing that matters is a “unique address“. Remember, everything operates based on thought and the vibrations that follow from it. So if someone tells you I have an aunt Margaret who doesn’t seem to be doing so well, that is all you need to know to heal her. Your thought of this person’s “aunt Margaret” sends the energy to her. The second thing is that Tom said: “you can heal yourself, just as easily as you can heal others“. I really resonated with this, because it is what I believe deep within, yet almost all other teachers that I heard from, especially energy or alternative health healers, claim that one cannot heal themselves.

He finished off this section before we fully dived into the experiential exercises with a beautiful conclusion – stay balanced and stay present based. As fun and exciting as all these non-physical experiences seem, we have to remember that we came here out of our own free will to experience the physical and thus we have to respect this realm and not get caught up in the non-physical. Similarly, through practice and as we open up, we may be tempted to obsess about tapping into the future to control events or if it is healing that we excel at, trying to heal everyone. Both of these actually not only violate free will (both ours and others), they diminish the purpose and perfection of this present system.

We, like others, came here for a meaningful purpose. While most of us barely know what our own purpose and lessons are in this lifetime, we cannot assume to know that of another. Thus, we need to respect that they chose their own experiences, no matter how those may seem and hence this is why it is important to grow and evolve constantly forward, not master one thing, attach to it and get stuck. This is another reason why Thomas says, he himself does not “abuse” the system in any way, such as going around healing everyone or controlling all of his future events. It just belittles the greater purpose of the all.

Be in the present, live your life, and let everything else take care of itself. Most importantly, develop your own big TOE.

Thomas Campbell

Throughout the day, of course, we had a chance to practice several exercises. Some of these included remote viewing in the past and future, diagnosing and healing. The day ended off with another amazing question and answer session.

Personal Takeaways from the Event

Although the two days were quite different in terms of topics, depth, and focus – both were equally valuable, informative and if I may say again – mind-blowing! While I resonated with so much of what Tom explained in terms of the science on the first day – the physics. The second day held its own worth and incredible value, as we dissected and dived into the metaphysics. The theme of larger reality was beautifully interwoven throughout the entire weekend, I found.

One of my most favorite parts of this second day was being able to gain knowledge and perspective of the metaphysical not only from someone who has so much personal and regular experience in this area, but who is also so grounded and science-based. Don’t get me wrong I am not discrediting the work of numerous mediums, intuitive guides and healers out there, but I am sure you can relate, that having a perspective from such an angle, definitely provides for an even broader experience.

Another part that really resonated with me was when Tom went a little more into talking about alternate realities, more so from a practical side this time. He mentioned dreams and how those are all just as real as what you and I experience here, they are just an alternate reality. Now having vivid, colorful and highly involved dreams every night, that really resonated with me. In my dreams, I have to tell you, I feel like I am seriously living out another few lifetimes somewhere – they are incredible! This is also one of the reasons why I like sleeping so much, as each night I get to live out many new and exciting adventures, as if my life here in this reality, was not exciting and fun enough :)

Finally, the last thing that opened my eyes so much and was perhaps my biggest “aha” experience on this day, was when Thomas explained the concept of metaphors. You know how most of us have heard of the silver chord, or of walking through a tunnel toward the light or traveling through a spiral coming back from an OOBE or even the idea of the Chakras. Well, guess what? They are all as real or unreal as we make them. None of these are necessary or the absolute truth or reality in any way. What does that mean?

It means, that just like many of us accept that meat is the ultimate source of protein, because that is what we are conditioned to by others, the same way most of us accept the idea of saying the tunnel and white light when thinking about death. Again, only because we are accustomed to hearing this so much. At some point, one person had this “thought” and then it went viral. So much so in fact, that we have incorporated these facts into our own realities as the absolute truths, without them actually being so. Therefore, what Thomas is saying is basically this: sure, use them or any other tools that serve you, but don’t get caught up on them, as they are not the absolute truth.

Well, I have to tell you, was I ever blown away. You mean the silver chord or the Chakras don’t really exist? I have to say, I really preferred these more “romantic” views and explanations when it comes to those matters. But, not to worry, it didn’t dampen my mood one bit, as of course, I understand something else, and much bigger, whether from this weekend or before. We get to experience whatever we want! And so although some of these things don’t need to exist and perhaps even don’t exist at all, because I am the creator of my own reality, I get to experience them as I please.

Having said that though, this was a very valuable lesson because, more than anything, Tom pushed yet another boundary for me. I now know that ultimately, we get to a place where we see beyond any silver chords or tunnels with white light, but until then they can entertain us as we choose fit.

As far as the exercises were concerned, they were awesome, but not in the way, you may think. While I did not have a profound and immediate connection to another reality and while I was not accurate in diagnosing the subjects we experimented with, they definitely taught me a lot. First and foremost, as balanced as I seem to be between the arts and sciences, I have a really active and analytical mind. So yes, I will definitely be needing some serious “practice” to turn this feature down, as I turn up my intuitive mind. Secondly, what actually was most profound for me, were the warm-ups to the exercises, as these showed us how easy it is to switch between different realities – we all do this all the time, most of us are just not aware. Finally, the exercises showed me even more of the potentials that lay ahead, and all that is possible with the right focus and intention. And I have to say, that gets me very excited indeed!

In conclusion, Thomas’ workshop was one of the most valuable events I have ever had a chance to experience. I learned so much, I had a chance to validate so much of what I personally knew or felt and I feel like I expanded so much. The workshop definitely motivated me in many, many ways. And while no, I did not begin a serious routine of practicing the experiential exercises I learned and tried, I do know that when the time is right for me, I have the tools I need and all will fall into place as I create it.

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