While many people at this time are pointing fingers and laying blame and attacking each other by getting lost in details, there is only one root cause for the mess that the world is in, and it is that we have given away our power.

Over the last few decades, specifically, we allowed ourselves to get distracted to the point of losing all connection with our bodies, with our minds, and with the natural world. We stopped thinking for ourselves and turned to external sources for all of our answers. We turned to governments, health and medical organizations, celebrities, media, social media, and gurus to tell us what to do. What to eat? How to parent? What to wear? What to watch? How to take care of our bodies? And the list goes on.

In doing so, we have cut ourselves off from our instincts, our intuition, and our inner wisdom and guidance. Think about it: every wild animal in the world knows how to feed itself, how to keep itself healthy, how to stay away from danger, how to parent, and how to interact with its natural environment. And we humans, supposedly the smartest species, cannot do these basic things without someone else’s input? Not a chance, except when we’re made to believe that we can’t.

The events unfolding in the world are a turning point in our human history. This is your chance to take back yourself, your health, and your life by focusing your thoughts and energies inward. The external will always be there, ready to offer the next distraction, the next desire, and the next aversion. See beyond it.

By focusing inward, using states of reflection, contemplation, and meditation, you begin the process of self-mastery. The more you master your own body and mind, the less power anyone outside of you has over you.

Imagine a world where most people chose to take personal accountability and responsibility for their own wellbeing, and thus live in harmony based on Universal Laws, in alignment with themselves and the natural world. Such a world is possible, and it starts with you.