Every physical imbalance that we experience as some dis-ease has at its root an energetic imbalance. This is not any kind of pseudoscience but the nature of science at the deepest core of existence. All physical objects, including living tissues, are made up of atoms, which are made up of energy. The more we tune into ourselves, the more we can sense and remedy an energetic imbalance when it happens in the moment of, or shortly thereafter, and heal the root cause before it grows and goes into other layers of our being. Such energetic imbalances come on as different sensations and feelings of discomfort. It can be cramping in the abdomen after having a confrontation with someone or tightness in the chest upon learning some difficult news. However, when we dismiss these sensations over long periods of time or as they accumulate, they begin to manifest in various physical ways to get our attention that something requires our attention.

No disease that we acquire after birth, specifically in adulthood, is random or a coincidence. Poor eating and lifestyle habits and viruses and bacteria amplify the area where a weakness already exists. They are not the root causes of our ailments. All external factors will either support, be neutral to, or further imbalance our state of being.

Energetic imbalances can manifest as physical conditions within minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. It depends on our constitution, our system’s sensitivity, and how we respond to any triggers that throw us out of balance. Normally, everything manifests quickly as “small things.” But in our disconnected and chaotic modern lives, we try to suppress all symptoms of discomfort, and hence they grow and manifest in other and bigger ways.

If you have suffered any emotional trauma, for example, no matter how big or small, it is important to deal with it and heal it as soon as you are aware of it. Many childhood traumas are deep-seated and often manifest slowly over time but in some of the most serious conditions.

The more we live in the space of balanced physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health, the more we receive instant feedback from our system and environment. The more layers of dis-ease we have accumulated, the less we are able to connect the dots between the causes of our choices and their effects.

So the next time you have any physical discomfort, examine your total wellbeing. To trace the problem back to the root cause, you need to do an inventory of your state of being. What emotional states have you been in recently? What thoughts are most prevalent for you? What traumas are you not dealing with? What stresses are overwhelming you? Take on such inner reflection, and you will learn some amazing things about yourself. Most importantly, try not to use means of suppression, but rather learn to work with your body and mind for effective expression. Take the necessary time and steps to heal fully. The idea of “not having the time” cannot be used as an excuse here because sooner or later, we will be forced to face what we may have been neglecting, ignoring, or trying to pretend doesn’t exist. Balance yourself from the inside out.