If the name Thomas Campbell is new to you at this point, allow yourself to get to know, one of the most prominent beings on this planet today. Tom Campbell is a nuclear physicist who has worked for NASA, and while this already can be considered an amazing feat for a being, it is not even where most of his prominence lies.

Not only is he a physicist, author, and speaker, but he can easily be regarded as one of the most prominent scientists in history. To give you a quick idea, Tom Campbell picks up where Einstein left off and goes much further than most scientists have ever imagined. He successfully brings the worlds of physics, metaphysics, and spirituality together. He has used his work in the field of physics to prove and embark on something much greater than only a handful before him – the ideas of consciousness and the nature of our reality.

Thus it was with great pleasure, excitement, and gratitude that I attended his 2-day workshop when he came to Toronto at the end of August this year – 2009. The theme for this special event was Physics, Metaphysics, and Your Place In The Greater Reality. It was a very special opportunity to be able to hear this man speak in person and share in his findings and his life’s work that he has dedicated himself to exploring.

Hence in this article, I would like to give you a brief synopsis of the first day of that event. And I say brief because I cannot possibly introduce you here to everything that I have learned, even in that one day. It will take a few articles to really absorb all that, as literally every line out of this man’s mouth deserves its own attention and thorough analysis. However, I still want to introduce you to as much as I can of Tom’s mind-blowing work here from that workshop.

About Tom Campbell

Although I just gave you a small glimpse into who Tom is, I want to expand a little more so that you have a better understanding of his work, before I share with you about his workshop.

Tom Campbell is not your typical scientist in that the limits of this reality do not stop him from probing further into what is possible. However, like all other scientists, he is about questioning, research, experimentation, and proof. And with this in mind, he has managed to see beyond the scope of this physical reality.

Despite getting the typical schooling required for a nuclear physicist, Tom was always interested in more and pushing the limits of what can be seen. Shortly after graduating, he began his work with Bob Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute for the exploration of consciousness, where he began experimenting with altered states of consciousness.

In early 2000, after more than 30 years of work, Tom finally put together a trilogy of his work in his groundbreaking book – My Big TOE (Theory of Everything).

Today, while working for NASA part-time, Tom gives lectures all around the world sharing his findings with others. And this is how I was fortunate enough to get to know more about his work while attending one of his lectures, which happened to be in Toronto. Tom was also recently featured in the thought-provoking documentary about death and the afterlife, called The Path: Afterlife.

The Toronto Workshop Day 1

The first day of the event took place on August 22, 2009. It was hosted by MBT events, from which Keith and Donna did a superb job organizing the event and showing superb hospitality. It started with Tom giving us a short introduction and background as to who he is and how he came to be where he is today (mostly as I explained above). But here is something that blew me away right from the start. Not only has Tom experimented with alternate realities through out of body experiences, but today and for some time now, he has been able to easily experience this and much more, through his conscious will. He shared with us some of his experiences briefly with out of body experiences (OOBE) and stated that the most important thing to understand is that an OOBE experience really has nothing to do with the body and everything to do with the mind. Naturally, it should be called the “out of mind experience”, but as he explained in a joking fashion, our society is not likely to take well to that.

On this first day of the 2-day event, he made us aware that it will be heavily theory and science-based, as he has to explain everything in terms of what lead him to find what he did, in order of course for people to know and grasp where he is coming from.

Tom began by speaking about the fundamentals of reality. His main point was for us not to confuse a “model of reality” with “reality“. You know this immediately resonated with me, because I hear people so often speak about this or that being the reality, but the truth is, it isn’t. It is just a model and one that we are actively creating.

He then explained that today’s science does not go outside of the “Big Bang Theory” – but even believing in that alone shows us that science is based on “mystical assumption” for no one really knows what actually happened, never mind what happened before then.

He then went on to speak how it took Einstein 23 years to find the so-called “TOE”- theory of everything. That was until he came across a huge stumbling block and could go no further, as he was unable to connect the ideas of “reality” and “consciousness”. As no one until now has ventured past Einstein’s work, it was relatively speaking “left alone”, as no one knew what to do with it. That was until the serious work of quantum physics kicked in and Tom himself.

The main point of this first area was that no matter what – reality is personal. There is never an objective reality, no matter how much we try to tell ourselves or think there is. As soon as our brain touches any thought or observation, it is subjective. We simply are the recipients of numerous packets of data at each and every moment, and we are constant interpreters of that data, according to our own filters. Thus, this also explains why we can never truly share an “experience”, we can only share the “data” presented.

Before I go any further, just to let you know that if you think this stuff is too “way out there”, Tom is not the only one to embark on many of these ideas. Many in the field of quantum physics are reaching the exact same conclusions. Thus at this time Tom also went on to explain in detail the famous “double slit experiment“, which explains a lot about the nature of atoms and how they change based on the reality they are in, or the observer.

Another major idea explained by Tom was the idea of entropy. Not being a physicist myself, this was actually the first time since some point in high school perhaps, that I heard this word and had gotten such an elegant explanation of it. Basically, entropy is the level of organization of any system. The lower the entropy the more organized a system is, the higher the entropy, the more chaotic a system is. And guess what the lowest state of entropy is…love. This is why every time there was a lot of science put forth by Tom, it was brought right back full circle, through the incorporation of everything we already know about spirituality. Hence, if nothing else, I credit Tom as a genius, for so elegantly bringing science and spirituality together as one.

Tom then went on to explain the attributes and origins of consciousness, which was a highly enlightening topic on its own. The two main points here were that consciousness is always evolving, reaching for lower states of entropy (though it is possible to de-evolve) and secondly even though we express consciousness and the universe as being infinite, nothing real is actually infinite. The main reason why we have such a hard time explaining or understanding this “system” or this “reality” is that we are within it. We have to get out of it and look back at it to be able to observe and interpret it properly.

The next ideas discussed were those about generating experience, our individual existence, and purpose. Here Tom gave a beautiful definition of our purpose and the idea of God. Basically the purpose of this system, of our being is to evolve towards becoming love.

There was also a truly mind-blowing discussion about time. Tom explained how time works in that one can see this system as having several “databases” – all of which by the way we can access ourselves. There is the probable future database (remember the future is never set, but constantly changing based on our choices and energies), the past database and the unactualized database. This is where he mentioned the Akashic records and why this a completely normal and real phenomenon. It just takes a person who is able to access this database, to uncover the data there (all of us can learn of course).

Beyond these awesome explanations and a lot of science in between to back them up, Tom then went on to talk about the mechanics of the larger reality. Here is where things got even more fascinating. Tom explained that this reality here and now can be viewed somewhat like a “video game”, in that all the possible choices of the player are already accounted for and only that which is observed at any given moment is seen. This whole topic requires a much larger discussion, which I cannot cover here at the moment. Basically that which we do not see at any given moment is not rendered. Sure you may think it is there, and really convince yourself that you know it is there, but until you actually walk past say, the tree that you are thinking of, it does not exist. Is your head spinning yet? Trust me, I know. Being there and having all of this explained with proof was an experience I will never forget.

Most importantly, this also ties into another phenomenon. As long as something in the past is not measured, Tom explained that it can still be changed, or influenced. This is based on an idea of the “uncertainty principle”. Much easier to understand with this is, of course, the idea that we are constantly changing and influencing the future – it is not predefined like some people think.

Tom fully explained Einstein’s theory of relativity and with this in mind talked about the work involved between our brain and our consciousness. Most importantly we have to understand that always our consciousness leads and the body follows. This can help explain a lot in terms of why and how some people get physical diseases and others heal. In this he even talked about cases like Alzheimer’s and brain damage patients for us to understand that the consciousness is never “injured”, it is the brain (i.e. the machinery) that is unable to process as needed.

The last section of the day was an introduction to experiential exercises. At many times Tom stressed that for any of us to really “know anything”, we must experience it for ourselves. At this point, the information changes from being someone else’s to be our own. Over the 2 days he lead us through 5 exercises:

  1. Practicing focus intent without processing
  2. Parallel processing, which is switching between realities
  3. Diagnosing and healing of others or self (on location or remotely)
  4. Manipulating Time
  5. Remote viewing (viewing an event in another time frame)

Most of the exercises happened in the day 2 session, however, Tom went on to explain the processes in day 1, stating most importantly that in order to be “successful” with these, first and foremost one has to be open and allow it to happen, one must have intent and provide no analysis. Sounds easy, right? Well not quite. You see the worst to get in the way here and why more people cannot just switch out of their bodies and between realities, is this notion of analysis. It is hard for some and takes practice to switch off our analytical minds.

Tom finished the day off with talking more about the ideas of what actually is “real”? So many of us are so convinced that what we see and touch around us is solid and real, but in actuality, and pretty much any scientist knows this, nothing is really solid. All matter is made up of large spaces with quickly vibrating atoms, which we only see as condensed into various forms. And all of that came out of our “intent”. As Tom said “results mirror intent”. He also touched upon here the ideas of death and illness and how to understand and see that neither is “bad”. As well, he explained a very important notion, that in becoming a healer or having the ability to heal, does not mean going around and healing everyone who is ill in any way. This is a huge infringement on their free will and on the rules of the system. Some people have created and/or actually need these “experiences” to do the learning they came here to do, and we, especially as healers need to respect that.

The session then finished off with a question and answer period from the audience, and as you can imagine there were lots of great questions.

Personal Commentary

Although the whole weekend felt like I was swept away into another reality (no pun intended), the most amazing part was that there was this phenomenal scientist offering proof for all matters of the metaphysical. I speak about consciousness, I teach about it and I live it, and while I know it experientially, here was this man proving it from a very solid and credible scientific perspective. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is. And I know some of us who really “feel” this “stuff” don’t need any scientific proof for it – after all, you either “know” it within or you don’t. But the truth of the matter is, most of our world today is still geared toward having scientific proof for any and every claim made. So this is where I think what Tom has found and brought to life, becomes that much more valuable.

In fact, I think because his science background is so strong and he is literally in the same playing field, in terms of how we regard Einstein today, that I feel his work is the opening of a huge door for many future mainstream scientists. The world may be slow to adapt to big changes and radical claims – after all just think how the idea of the Earth being round was received, but today we live in a more open and rapidly evolving time than ever before. It is thus because of this, that I believe Tom will not have to wait years or until after his death to have his work taken seriously – it is already being taken very seriously today, by many around the world and causing them to probe even further.

Perhaps I resonate so strongly with his work due to my own scientific background. Or perhaps it is because I “feel”, literally feel what he is saying as I live out my life each day. I am not sure. What I do know, is I cannot tell you how grateful I am for attending this event, getting to know Tom, his work and being able to expand my own awareness of what is, thanks to his findings. I feel that Tom is not only so eloquent but also has a true gift for expanding our minds to see more than we ever thought possible.

Now when you see Tom at a speaking engagement for the first time, the first ideas that will probably come to your head are that of a “serious scientist”. The last thing one would ever think is that this man has regular out of body experiences and experiments with alternate realities. Well, he does, and when you hear him speak, your jaw just starts dropping lower and lower, while your brain is literally expanding from the information coming at you.

Ultimately, what really did it for me where Tom’s workshop and research is concerned, is that he repeatedly states “Don’t believe everything I say. But at the same time don’t disbelief what I say. Find your own theory of everything.”

And this is what he is ultimately about. He has tapped into findings of the universe, life, death and alternate realities in great depth. But ultimately they are from his perspective and based on what his main finding is, that there are numerous realities, what we find for ourselves may not be identical to his. We each decipher things through our own filters, through our own perspectives. And this is the biggest reason why Tom invites each and every one of us to find our own theory of everything, because to a large extent, we create it ourselves.

So on this first day, Tom prepared us that it would be full of theory and indeed it was, but I have to tell you it was so, so good that I didn’t want the day to end. Day 2 was going to be more about applications and experiential learning through some exercises. I will cover this and my personal experiences in Part 2 of Physics, Metaphysics, and Your Place in the Greater Reality.

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