The more future-oriented our thoughts are, the less grounded and centered we are bound to feel. It is no surprise, therefore, that anxiety is directly related to a state of mind that is overly fixated on the future.

The future does not exist, and our mind knows this, yet it readily gets seduced by its allure of possibilities, which only distract it from the only real thing that exists - the now, which is where all of our power resides.

The future is created using our present-moment thoughts, words, and actions. Therefore, it is essential to use these with conscious intention to create the future you want to see and experience. Don’t focus on what you think is possible or impossible because none of us are in the position to judge that with certainty. The impossible can happen in an instant, for better or for worse. Don’t focus, either, on all that could go wrong or be bad, as this merely causes you to use your mind against yourself and our collective wellbeing. Just aim to focus on the kind of life experience and world you would like to see. In this way, the collective good will prevail because the majority of humans do desire peace, safety, happiness, freedom, and wellbeing.

To further support yourself in this process, invest more time into grounding and centering exercises that connect your mind to the present moment of your DIRECT experience. Most of what you hear is NOT your experience, so stop letting it hijack your reality. Stand barefoot on the Earth or place your hands on a tree, if you have the ability. Use grounding and centering exercises of Yoga or Chi Gong. Bring your focus back to you, your breath, and your body. Tune out the world of “out there,” which is disconnecting you from your direct present-moment experience - your point of power.

We will not create a positive future by letting others dictate our state of mind, but by taking responsibility for our mind and using it wisely as part of conscious life creation.