Health is determined by the quality of our internal environment, which is created through our lifestyle choices. A lot of people know the right thing to do, but few actually do it, which is why we have a huge proportion of the population currently living in fear.

But we cannot come out of this COVID situation afraid of our own hands, of our bodies, of other people, and of life in general. The reality is that viruses, bacteria, and other microbes are everywhere always, and most of them are beneficial and essential to the process of life.

The solution, therefore, is not living by avoiding the outside but by fixing the inside. The time now is to get stronger, not weaker, so that we are best equipped to handle whatever the future brings.

To help you take back your health, I invite you to watch my video presentation of the Top 10 Habits for Optimal Health and Protection, which explains the importance of each of the blocks in the optimal health pyramid and how to use them to your advantage.