Given the destructive hurricanes that have impacted so many on our Earth at this time, I share in mourning with the Earth and our fellow brothers and sisters always, but especially at times like these. Regardless though if it is a hurricane, or earthquake, or fire, or war, or any other destructive expression, what evokes the most sadness within is that en masse we are not paying attention to change our ways. We are so entranced by the illusions of our Earthly experience that we neglect to see, connect with, and work with the messages we are being sent — with the messages we are sending ourselves!

We are so determined to just keep going as we are, thinking that this is the right and strong thing to do, that this is progress — to just move on and re-build, to conquer, and to force things to be a certain way. But one of the strongest things we can ever do is to surrender — surrender to grace, surrender to humility, surrender to the good of the greater whole, surrender to the fact that we cannot control the external, we can only control the internal.

As long as we live personally and collectively in turmoil, our Earth will be in turmoil. As long as we neglect to connect the dots between the macro and the micro, and to see the reflections, we will continue to suffer due to the disconnection.

Many people today understand that most people will not change their ways unless forced to do so, but what level of force will be required for us to change….. change how we think about and treat ourselves? change how we think about and treat other humans? change how we think about and treat other living beings, including all animals and plants? change how much we consume of the natural and man-made resources? change our outlook on what makes a good or successful life? change how we live with regards to natural laws?

No matter what happens to us directly or indirectly, no matter what happens to any part of our Earth, we are all in this together. Learning, growing, changing, and evolving. Yes, there is a reason for all things, and perfection that is hard to explain and even harder to grasp, especially when it comes to the events we consider “bad” or “negative” or “catastrophic”, and yes eventually this too shall pass and we will all arrive exactly where we need to be. But the more we each invest in our own consciousness expansion, the elevation of coherence and reduction of entropy, the more we are creating a better Earthly experience for ourselves and all involved.

May we all focus more on being the light and the love to heal our disconnection and help in the healing of our collective. May we all do our part to make a better world for all.

For further reflection, contemplation, and inspiration, I invite you to enjoy the beautiful song from Deva Premal and Miten via the video above, and lyrics below.

Lyrics for Native Son

“Go lightly on this fragile earth
We are all strangers on this shore
Remember what your life is worth
And what it was we came here for
And hidden deep within our heart
There’s a light that shines on everything
On the right and the wrong
On the weak and the strong
On the prayers and the songs that we sing
Go lightly on this precious land
We’re part of everything we see
A tear-drop on the ocean
The wind that whispers in the trees
The wind that cries in the holy rage
At the deeds and the damage, we have done
For how little we care for the life that is there
Go lightly native son
Go lightly on this sacred earth
Go lightly on your way
You are among the ones who took a second birth
And we are blessed
More than words can ever say
And maybe sometimes your heart is broken
But it’s nothing that love cannot repair
So with the gifts that you bring remember one thing
It’s the love for yourself that you share”

Music by Deva Premal and Miten