EBTV presents hosts Evita Ochel with featured guest Tom Campbell in a dialogue on how to understand current life challenges and solutions. In this first of three parts, the dialogue focuses on the root of the problem with regards to discord in our lives and on our planet.

General topics covered include:

  1. Examining the root of the problem of the state of things on our planet, and what Tom means by: “What we see in the world is a reflection of us.” (4:30)

  2. The role of awareness and acceptance within and between the internal and external worlds. (16:05)

  3. The role of the right governance in power (i.e. capitalism, socialism and communism). (28:20)

  4. How low-quality consciousness impacts life and world at large. (38:08)

  5. How the fear of death contributes to the root of our suffering. (56:55)

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My Big TOE trilogy by Tom Campbell