We have misunderstood the greater purpose of life for far too long and the suffering and turmoil we live in speaks volumes about that. We have let our divine self completely identify with the ego and have entered a state of dire unconsciousness. Many of us run around each day, all day, and every day and have no idea that 99% of all that we do is completely unconscious. We think unconsciously, we eat, drive, work, love, and parent unconsciously. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of this. So how do you know you are living life unconsciously? There is one sure way to know and it is never by telling yourself you are or you are not. All you need to do is look at your life to see whether it reflects conscious creation and is based on inner peace, harmony, and wellbeing or if it reflects struggles and hardships and is based on anger, hostility, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

Whatever you become aware of, you can either create more of it by doing what you are already doing or change if you see that your life is not working for you. You can start reading books. You can start seeking teachers that resonate with you. You can start seeking people, perhaps meeting groups, perhaps new friends that are also seeking a new and better way. And let me assure you, it does exist.

No matter what, the current state of our health, our economy, our food production, our environment, our governments and so much more is coming to a climax. We simply cannot continue the way we have been living and that is why we see all that is not serving the greater good crumbling. This is not meant to be feared. This is the change that is necessary so that new and better things can take their place, ones that serve all of the beings on this planet.

Throughout the history of time, people have looked at others who seem to have an “easy” type of life and exclaimed that they are just “lucky” or something like that. But ultimately luck has nothing to do with it. It is those that open themselves up to a new way of life, to a new way of looking at things, who are the ones that we consider “lucky” or that have the lives we consider “easy”.

Life is beautiful and has so much joy to offer us – no matter what you see happening “out there.” The external reality of what you see happening out there is nothing more than the actions of the unconscious minds of others, and so you think this is how it is supposed to be and always will be, but it isn’t. Heaven is here and now. If you cannot fathom that yet today, all I can say is just be patient and don’t close yourself to the idea of that, for one day you may surprise yourself with what you find.

Life was not meant to be a struggle. Life was not meant to be lived in fear. And life was definitely not meant to be wasted on things that stagnate and do not evolve your soul. You and I have the opportunity to free ourselves from much of the suffering and live the life that is in alignment with our soul’s path. There is a change of consciousness happening on the Earth as we speak. Every single spiritual teacher today knows this. All the rest of us need to do is look around. Something is happening. Something big is happening. There are changes that are stirring all of us within. They are bringing great discomfort to some. But that discomfort is necessary for the awakening.

There are many beings walking amongst us right now who are changing lives through the content they share. Some of their work is inspirational, some is motivational, some is transformational, and some is all of the above. Even though some such beings choose to express their gifts of writing and speaking, each of us is brilliant in our own right and capable of great things. We are living in times of massive changes and getting the opportunity to express our human potential in greater ways than we have been for quite some time.

Turn Your Focus Inward

Consider the following questions as a short personal reflection:

  • Do you know the purpose of your existence?
  • Do you live with passion?
    Do you know what it means to be human? Do you live consciously?
    *Do you live your life based on happiness, inner peace, and satisfaction?

These are just a few questions that we should each be asking ourselves throughout our lives. Today, we have the freedom to ponder such things freely and openly; this was not the case in the past when verbal, physical, or social persecution threatened anyone who dared to question accepted religious or political narratives. We are fortunate today to be able to think for ourselves and make our own decisions about how we each choose to live our lives to be most in alignment with our truth, heart, and soul.

Unfortunately, many people who were brought up and continue to live in very religious environments are not so fortunate. Let us take Christianity, as an example, given that I have the most experience in this area. Christians view the Bible as the only book that was God-inspired, referring to it as the “Word of God” and they consider Jesus as the Son of God, the only true Messiah who was sent to us from God and by God to help us understand this life and how to live it. This is where a big question emerges for those who are capable of critical thinking and not entrenched in cognitive dissonance: “Why is the Christian Religion so convinced that there can be no other book than the Bible and no other person than Jesus to be capable of guiding human beings?”

As an avid believer in all of this in the past, I am now capable of seeing that it makes no sense to think that only one man and one book are holders of the truth and the way in which we should live. Especially that humans misinterpret the words of the Bible and Jesus constantly and make the teachings mean what they are most comfortable hearing. The same goes for all the other major world religions like Islam and Judaism, which hold on so tightly to what happened at some point in the past and are unwilling to see how inspiration and guidance are given on a daily basis, simply through different resources and people.

What is given to us now, and I believe has been throughout the ages, through the saints, mystics, and philosophical and spiritual teachers from numerous backgrounds are messages from the source of consciousness, be that what we call God, Universe, Gaia, or similar terms. We are each capable of being inspired by “God” as we are all part of God and one with God. It is delusional and Egotistic to think that some of us are more special or worthy than others. If God created it all and all was good then each of us has more potential for direct communion with God than we have been led to believe.

Unfortunately, many religious fanatics see anyone and any resource that mentions God in a different context than they are used to as some kind of “blasphemy” or worse. However, before such sources are dismissed there are three observations that I wish to bring to your attention about this topic:

  1. Was it not in Jesus’ time that people did not take him seriously and persecuted him and called him a liar and so on and so forth. I mean not to mention, there are people still to this day that do not accept him as any different as the rest of us. Which ironically is true, but that is a whole other article.

  2. Yes, there are cults today and always have been leading people to go their way and trying to convince the world that they had it all and all you had to do was follow them and do what they do. In return, they mislead a lot of people and even brainwash them into unpleasant circumstances. So naturally, we worry and are skeptical about who and what to believe. But that is the best part, today there are some sure signs of what to look for when assessing the person or party the information is coming from. Number one if they are starting a new group and asking you to follow them by instilling guilt or fear, chances are they are not going to be getting you closer to God or understanding life or your purpose, instead just getting you closer to having you under their own control. Look for people who want to share with you nothing more than wisdom and try it out for yourself, if it does not make sense for you then it doesn’t, but you just never know when you will be transformed to be a higher version you ever knew of yourself.

  3. The times we live in today, where more people are capable of honoring their direct connection to and with “God” allow for more expression without needing to hide or live in fear. The great awakening of consciousness on the Earth is now and it is wonderful to see more people leaving behind old thoughts and outdated limiting beliefs to truly investigate the truths of life for themselves.

Spiritual Teachers for Our Times

There are many teachers who we can consider modern prophets in our world today, who are particularly skilled at expressing guidance and wisdom that helps us live with a higher degree of morality, ethics, and spiritual wellbeing. Such spiritual teachers are opening our world to a higher state of consciousness. Here are my recommendations for some of the most deeply inspiring individuals living amongst us in the Western World today that have a lot of valuable wisdom to share:

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale’s work has drastically shifted the path of my life and I credit his Conversations with God Trilogy for opening up my eyes and being the nudge I needed to remember who I am and what is the purpose of my life.

Eckhart Tolle

One of the most profound teachers is Eckhart Tolle, and next to Neale Donald Walsch above, Eckhart has been a personal favorite teacher of mine since 2008, when I first discovered his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Immediately this book made a profound impact on my life because I resonated with everything it shared. All of a sudden doors and windows opened up and a fresh breeze came in invigorating my entire being. When he talked about the “aha” moments, I felt the dots of life being connected so clearly for me.

In 2008, Oprah featured Eckhart Tolle not only on her show but carried out with him a 10-week interactive webcast seminar, based on his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Millions of people were exposed to Eckhart’s teachings and millions of lives began to change around the world. In 2009, Eckhart Tolle came out with a new method to teach and reach more people in the world with his Eckhart Tolle TV.

If you are new to Eckhart’s teachings, they provide a foundation for some of the most vital topics related to our human existence — understanding the ego, present-moment living, and consciousness. His teachings revolve around the theme of how to move from a state of an unconscious ego-based existence into a life of divine consciousness. As Eckhart says:

We have lived in a state of unconsciousness for a long period of time and that state of consciousness is no longer working. It is becoming self-destructive. And if there is no shift in consciousness, humanity may very well self-destruct. The question for us as a species is ultimately, evolve or die.

Eckhart Tolle

These words are not meant to be any kind of fear-based dogma, rather, they are rooted in love to help us awaken. They are nothing more than a kind of alarm clock and there is nothing to be afraid of because no matter what route we choose, eventually we will all end up where we are meant to be. The only difference is some of us are going to have more pleasant and shorter paths than others. The choice is yours.

Eckhart Tolle’s teachings are excellent for anyone who is currently going through any major life transitions, awakenings, or personal transformations. We are the ones who will be shaping the new Earth to come. Gone will be the destructive ways that harm the self, others, and our environment; gone will be the attachment to the ego that has stifled humanity for too long. There can be Heaven on Earth for all but we must actively work to choose and achieve this. Even if you are already living life from a deep sense of awareness and advancing your own evolution, you too can benefit from Eckhart’s resources.


Each of the above teachers comes from a different background and presents their material in their own unique way. Some of them are more traditional in their thinking and the information they present whereas others are more contemporary in their thoughts and writings. Of course, there are many more amazing and highly inspiring people in the world today working toward a common awakening of human potential and the bridging of the gap between the mind, body, and soul.

The key way to know that you are connected to a credible teacher is when they are not asking you to follow them or believe what they say, but nudging you to find and live your own truths. The more you are guided to think for yourself, the closer you get to the ultimate truths of existence. No matter who we are, or where we are on our journeys, it is always good to know that support is out there for us, we just have to choose it and use it.