There are many beings walking this planet right now who are changing lives through the material they share. Some of their work is inspirational, some motivational, and some transformational. But while so many hold gifts of writing and speech to convey wisdom to others, each of us is brilliant in our own right. We are living in times of great change, where we are expressing our human potential in higher ways than we have been for quite some time on this planet.

Consider these questions as a short reflection:

Do you know the purpose of your existence? Do you live with passion? Do you know what it means to be human? Do you live consciously? Do you live a life full of happiness and satisfaction? Do you know how God fits in to the equation of daily existence?

These are just a few questions that some of us may ask ourselves or ponder on at one time or another. Not that many years ago, one may have never thought of asking these thought provoking questions or venture into the unknown, and what is more so, if one did they may have been met with persecution, resistance or worse! Today however, we are lucky not only to be able to think the answers to those questions but speak them, research them and share them with the world!

Present Times

I believe that we are truly blessed to be living in today’s day and age. Many people who come from very religious backgrounds unfortunately do not think so for the most part. Let us take Christianity as an example, not to pick on it, but solely because I have most experience in this area.

Christians hold the Bible as the only book that was God inspired, referring to it as the “Word of God” and they consider Jesus as the Son of God the only true Messiah who was sent to us from God and by God to help us understand this life and how to live it. Now I have nothing against Jesus or the Bible, in fact I use both in my research for personal growth and learning, but I do have only one question “Why are Christians so convinced that there can be no other book or no other person other than Jesus and the Bible that are carrying the word(s) of God (yes I understand all about the prophets but let us not go in any further into history) or have been talked to by God?”

I don’t know about you, but as an avid believer myself of this in the past, it has since come to my attention that it just does not seem to make sense for God to reach out one final time to us all over 2000 years ago and well as one may put it sort of “leave us stranded since” to rely on only on material from back them. So again not picking on the Christians, the same goes for all the other major world religions like Islam and Judaism, they hold on so tightly to what happened and was given in the past without stopping to think often what is given to us NOW?

What is given to us now, and I believe has been throughout the ages, through yes, the saints, and mystics and teachers from various backgrounds are words from God or inspired by God. And as nicely as we look upon some of them, we hold this amazing amount of reservation towards most of the material as somehow “not enough”, “not serious enough”, “not close to God enough”, “not credible enough”.

Now, never mind the people who speak out TODAY about God and their new revelations, in most cases they are completely shunned as somehow trying to distort the Bible and all of humanity, sometimes even being referred to as inspired by “Satan”. Well, before you dismiss these ideas too, I find 3 observations that I want to bring to your attention on this topic:

  1. Was it not in Jesus’ time that people did not take him seriously and persecuted him and called him a liar and so on and so forth. I mean not to mention, there are people still to this day that do not accept him as any different as the rest of us. Which ironically is true, but that is a whole other article.

  2. Yes, there are cults today and always have been leading people to go their way and trying to convince the world that they had it all and all you had to do was follow them and do what they do. In return they mislead a lot of people and even brainwash them into unpleasant circumstances. So naturally we worry and are skeptical about who and what to believe. But that is the best part, today there are some sure signs of what to look for when assessing the person or party the information is coming from. Number one if they are starting a new group and asking you to follow them by instilling guilt or fear, chances are they are not going to be getting you closer to God or understanding life or your purpose, instead just getting you closer to having you under their own control. Look for people who want to share with you nothing more than wisdom and try it out for yourself, if it does not make sense for you then it doesn’t, but you just never know when you will be transformed to be a higher version you ever knew of yourself.

  3. Finally observation number 3: The times we live in today! Ah yes, these wonderful times where people who truly have been spoken to or inspired by God do not have to hide or live in fear. The great awakening of the Earth is now and it is wonderful to see more people leaving behind old thoughts and other people’s beliefs and truly investigating the truths of life for themselves!

On that note, there are many remarkable humans in our world today, in fact we are all remarkable in one way or another. However, if you are interested in expanding your views and ideas about yourself, life, God, the world and others, here is my list of the top enlightened, deeply inspiring and credible individuals living amongst us in the Western World today:

  1. Neale Donald Walsch

  2. Eckhart Tolle

  3. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  4. Esther and Jerry Hicks

  5. Marriane Williamson


Of course there are many more amazing and highly inspiring people in the world today working toward a common awakening of the human potential and the bridging of the gap between the mind, body and soul. I have not read every single one of the above mentioned author’s materials, as they are amazing writers and speakers and have tonnes of material out there. But from what I have read from each one of them I was deeply moved by each one and found that their material is not only so beautiful and pure but at the same time so very, very relevant for our souls and our times.

Each of the above authors comes from a different background and presents their material in their own unique way. I have attached links to their pictures and their names to their main web sites and hence I invite you to check out their profiles personally. And who knows you may like it, you may hate it, you may be confused, inspired or even changed due to the amazing wisdom these individuals hold. Some of them are more traditional in their thinking and the information they present where as some others much more contemporary in their thoughts and writings.

Either way they are all connected by one unifying thought, they are not asking you to follow them and do or believe in anything they say, they are simply exposing us all to a new way of looking at life and yourself to bring us out of the history old suffering and into the age of enlightenment!