Every so often there comes along a book that provides deeply profound and life-changing wisdom. The Complete Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch is one such book, which has the potential to move us to the core of our being, to awaken us, and make us re-examine the deeper truths of life, death, and our human experience.

Conversations With God is a trilogy that is available as three separate books, or as The Complete Conversations with God.

For me, this has been “the book” that has helped me remember who I really am, why I am here, and the greater purpose of it all. This book changed my life by initiating a deep spiritual awakening for me and marked the start of a very special journey of spiritual evolution and consciousness expansion for me.

The Complete Conversations with God is not actually the entirety of Neale’s work. This foundation is what started a very long conversation for Neale with “God”, which today spans over a dozen books.

However, each person chooses to translate for themselves the idea of having “a conversation with God”, what these books present is a multitude of extraordinary wisdom that provides insight into every single area of life. The book and the words offer us guidance and direction, while always reminding us that the truth is already within each one of us, and all we have to do is look within to remember it.

Format and Structure

Conversations With God was initially published as three separate books, as these conversations took place in Neale’s life at three distinct times, and then the three books were put together into one book, known as The Complete Conversations with God in 2005.

The three separate Conversations with God books were published in 1996, 1997, and 1998, respectively. This work followed Neale’s very own awakening, spiritual shift, and life transformation that took place in the early 1990s.

Aside from the books, Neale’s personal life story is one of immense inspiration for us all. For those of you not yet familiar with Neale, in the early 1990′s, Neale was at the lowest time in his life. He lived as a homeless person for about a year. He lost his family, his job and even had a car accident that left him seriously hurt.

It was then that Neale got really angry, as to why he was “dealt” this fate by God. Nothing seemed to go right in his life, which was nothing but one struggle after another. Neale asked about why all this was happening to him, and to his surprise, God responded. What came out of this was a set of 9 books that Neale wrote as “Conversations With God” over an 11 year period.

For anyone ready and interested in diving into what is perhaps one of the most influential books in the spiritual sector of our times, I highly recommend getting the complete conversations.

This book comes as a special edition set, in a box and with a special foreword by Neale himself. It is over 700 pages and the text is printed throughout in two colors, one to distinguish Neale speaking and the other to distinguish God speaking.

The chapters are simply divided by numbers, although this is not even necessary as this entire book is literally one long conversation. Neale asks fascinating questions, that so many of us are struggling with and the responses he gets are life-altering.

Even though I own a copy of the complete conversations, I highly recommend considering getting the audiobook version of this. I own the audiobook as well, as I first went through the book in that exact format, which enhanced the entire experience for me and made it so much more meaningful.

In the audio format, Neale speaks as himself and the voices of God alternate, without any specific pattern, as female and male, read by Ellen Burstyn and Edward Asner, respectively. This adds such an amazing element to the message, as right away we start seeing God as both male and female, the divine entity that is the all. It is so powerful to take in this book this way.

Content and Personal Commentary

As I have already mentioned to you, I owe it to this book as to why I am where I am in my life today. It was just the spark I needed to ignite a great fire within me. A fire to seek the truth, to question, to understand, and to expand on both the spiritual and physical entity that I am.

How this book came to me is a whole other story, but believe me when I say that, for it actually “came to me” in a very odd set of circumstances. Today I am so blessed that I did not dismiss it but took interest in it and this immediately opened me up to a whole new world.

It was not easy to read/hear this book at first. To tell you the truth is was even a bit uncomfortable at times, for it made me question things that I never dared question before. It made me think like I never dared think before. And it made me open myself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

This meant I had to leave the safe space of comfort and of all that I knew and believed up to that point. I did not have to accept anything that the book said, but my soul told me otherwise. No matter how uncomfortable the feeling was at times, as this transformation was taking place within me, somewhere in there my soul was rejoicing. Somewhere inside of me, I knew I was coming into being, who I really was and am today.

They say for great change to take place we need to become “disturbed”. Well, I got disturbed alright as I ventured deeper and deeper into this book. And just like the butterfly takes time, effort, and hard work to accomplish its change of shedding its cocoon, I was living through my own change like that.

I think at times I knew where some of my anger and negative feelings came from, as I read the material in the book. I was angry for I felt like I had, well no other way to say this, been lied to all these years, been kept in the dark. I was in my mid 20′s and up to this point was a devout Catholic. I worshipped the way my religion told me to worship, and I was not one of those who questioned the faith. But deep within me, I knew that I thought differently about life and the world, I knew that I was making my religion “fit” to my being because I thought and was lead to believe that it was the right thing to do.

That was literally the last time I ever had feelings of anger and the last time I let myself be tied to organizations that did the thinking for me.

This book is full of so much love, so much wisdom, and enlightenment, that nothing I say here, will justify its magnificence. At no point does it tell you what to think or believe. At every point it tells you to question, to look within, and to come to your own conclusions.

The complete conversations feature the most essential truths for spiritual seekers and cover anything and everything from the following topics:

  • Who is God?
  • What is the Purpose of God?
  • What is the Purpose of Life?
  • How to Understand Our Role in Life
  • How to Understand Free Will
  • How to Understand Emotions
  • Money, Finances and the Economy
  • Significance of Religions
  • Significance of Relationships – Romantic and Family
  • Politics and the Role of Governments
  • The Environment
  • Health and the Purpose of Disease
  • The Significance of Time
  • Birth, Death, and the Afterlife
  • and so much more!

All any of us here and now need to do is simply “remember” who we are, where we came from, and why we are here. That is it!

And let me tell you, I did not go through this book once. It took months and I went through the material several times. Each time listening to what my soul was really saying, as I took in the insightful wisdom. Connecting and feeling what my emotions were telling me were key along the entire way. And my God was it all magnificent!

From the day that I really took in this book, I considered myself free! Free from stress, free from illusory obligations, free from any kind of illusory shackles, free from the material world, and free from anger and fear. But all this did not make my journey here complete. On the contrary, this was just the beginning!

It did not make me become some selfish and unlawful nomad. Instead, it ignited the passions within me to awaken and help humanity to live out life in the most beautiful way possible. It showed me that peace and love are not just some “conditional” acts, but here for all should they choose them. It showed me that just like love, fear is also a choice. But most importantly it allowed me to understand and connect with God more than any religion ever could.

I have no doubt that this book had a huge role to play in why my partner and I have the deep unity that we have as a couple and why today there is so much peace in my life. I do not dwell on the past and I do not fear the future or question my purpose here in this world.

It is important to point out here, too, that when we come across highly transformational works, such as this one, it will not do us any good to get addicted to them or make new belief systems out of them. What this book did for me was not create a new dogma to follow but jolt me awake to all that I already know within me. All these years when I was thinking differently from the status quo about life and the world finally made sense. This book simply provided a nudge, albeit a major one, to step into the fullness of my being and not live my life based on the ideas, beliefs, rules, or expectations of other people.

After reading this book, I followed with many more books, that just kept coming into my life as my quest for the truth continued. I know it is a journey that will never end, for we are after all constantly evolving.

Bottom line, this is a book that I highly, highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves seeking answers, asking the greater questions, and looking to live out the greatest version of themselves here and now in this lifetime. This is a book for people who are not afraid to be pushed to think, past every imaginable limit they ever had. And a book for people who are not afraid to grow in every aspect of their multi-dimensional being.

This might just become the best book you ever own. And one that you will return to again and again to grasp all the wisdom, freedom, and love that it offers.

We have been in the dark for long enough. So many today are bringing light into this world, and this book is just one of those avenues. There is so much magnificence to us and this physical life we are in now, and it is time we started living it with the love, peace, and joy that it was meant to have.

A true Master is not one with the most followers, but one who creates the most Masters.

A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders.

A true king is not the one with the most subjects, but one who leads the most to royalty.

A true teacher is not the one with the most knowledge, but one who causes the most others to have knowledge.

~ Conversations With God, Book 1

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