The quality of our life and wellbeing is highly dependent on the choices we make daily. Every choice matters, even though this is not always evident or easy to see in the present moment. Over time, similar choices become strung together, like the beads of a necklace, to create themes, patterns, and outcomes in our lives. We then “wear these necklaces”, meaning — live the results of our creations, for better or for worse.

The best part is that we are the artists who are continuously influencing this living, dynamic work of art. There is no final product to be judged on and no getting it wrong. There is only continual evolution to keep refining our work so that it is reflecting the highest version of who we know ourselves to be at any given time.

Despite the influence of external factors, the amount of joy and happiness, inner peace and peace of mind, satisfaction and meaning that each of us experience is determined most by how we work with our thoughts and emotions within any set of life circumstances. The best or the worst of circumstances will be experienced in unique ways based on each of our inner states of reality. There is no one-size-fits-all, nor is there a universal standard for what it means to “be happy” or “live a good life”. Each of these is highly personal and subjective states, and up to each one of us to define.

Our life is a reflection of our choices and perspectives. We can live with as much beauty, joy, peace, and wellbeing as we are capable of creating and experiencing at any given time.

We will not always be able to choose what we desire in life, but we will always have the choice to choose our perspective about what is. This is what makes all the difference to the quality of our life. The fastest path to depression, sadness, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness is to focus on that which is outside of your control. Nature will do what nature will do. Other humans will do what they will do. You cannot control the external, you can only control the internal.

If you want inner peace, joy, and wellbeing in your life, you need to focus on yourself, and what you can do to make your life better and make this world better, not on what anything outside of you did or is doing that you judge to be wrong, bad or unwanted. Focus on that which is wanted to grow and have more of it, personally and collectively.

Often, when we are in the midst of change in our world or our lives, we cannot grasp the potential, the impact, and the purpose of it all. Normally, it isn’t until something is complete when we can look back and marvel at how it all came together and why things had to happen as they did. The difference comes from the perspective you took.

Sometimes we get everything we want, and sometimes we do not. However, our perspective will have the ultimate say in how we move through all of these moments in our lives. We all have our personal dreams and goals. Pursue your own but pursue them with grace knowing that everything has not one, not two, but many sides to it and how it can be perceived. What is good at one point in our lives is not good at another; what is good for one person is not good for another. The most joy and wellbeing are achieved by those who allow themselves to perceive their reality with the most flexibility and least rigidity.

Our world is a reflection of our collective thoughts and actions. Fill your life with all that nurtures your body, heart, mind, and soul and share the resulting love, joy, and gratitude abundantly with all who share this Earth.