What is around the corner on your path of life depends entirely on the accumulation of your strongest and most prevalent thoughts and emotions.

Each thought and emotion carries its own vibration and creates a field in us and around us that attracts people, places, experiences, and events with similar vibrations. Nothing in life is an accident and nothing happens by chance. However, we will not be able to agree with this when we do not see things as they truly are, when there is any kind of lack of self-awareness, and when we are unable to connect the dots between our choices (conscious and unconscious) and the results we get in our lives.

This is why there is nothing more important to do in this life than to observe our internal landscape and aim to master our mind and learn how to use our thoughts and emotions for our greater good, rather than against ourselves.

Life happens from the inside out. Know thyself > the more you know yourself, the more you understand your life and all that is in it.