In a world full of so much confusion how can you know what is the best choice, the right answer, or the most effective solution? It seems like everyone has an opinion these days, and gone are the days when certain academic letters after a name would indicate a trustworthy source. So what do you do? You have to take things into your own hands and learn what to look for in order to think consciously and critically.

Here are 3 clues to help you discern amongst all the information and make the best choice:

  • First, look for the solution that solves many problems at once, rather than something that helps one area, while it hurts another.

  • Second, look for the solution that sees and embraces the big picture, and is not caught up on details. Focusing on isolated facts, while missing the whole picture normally results in unforeseen, negative future consequences.

  • Third, look for the solution that is timeless, not a temporary fad or trend. The more it aligns with the Laws of Nature — such as our human biology or laws that govern the nature of this reality, the more it aligns with us in a timeless and trusted way.

When all these three factors are present, you can be sure that you have found an effective path you can feel confident about pursuing. For example, in the case of nutrition, what is best for our body is also best for the Earth’s body.

However, these clues are not isolated to helping you make sense of the messy world of diets, food and nutrition today. They can be applied to every area of your life, from how to solve a business problem to how to solve a relationship challenge.