Think about the most recent time you disagreed with someone or something. Consider the topics that get you really worked up. Now, consider how your life might change if you allowed yourself to change your mind? Trace the discomfort right down to its root. What is really at stake? What part of your identity is attached to seeing things a certain way? As long as we refuse to see what is right there in front of us, we block our greatest potential: physically and spiritually.

The practice of mindfulness allows us to see things just as they are; not as we wish them to be, not as we want them to be, and not as we think they should be. Just as they are. An untrained mind thinks that what it thinks is the way things really are, but it is not so. Train the mind, quiet the Ego and then you start to have a shot at seeing the Truth of what actually is.

Alternatively put, be open-minded, take time to really listen and observe, be slow to react, make judgments or get defensive. The fewer beliefs and attachments we have to ideas and the more we align with Universal Truths, the more we can experience our reality effectively and increase the quality of our life experience.