The video that I am sharing with you above, features Justin Baldoni talking about Why I’m Done Trying to Be Man Enough. It is one of the most beautiful and important videos to see today, especially given the collective strained relationship between the sexes and all of the friction that surrounds both men’s and women’s issues today. If we want to move forward with peace, harmony, and wellbeing, we have to stop with primitive, stereotypical, and judgmental profiling of what it means to be a “man”, or a “woman”, and instead, start asking what does it mean to be a human being.

In our quest over the ages to define the sexes, we have created so much division, separation and animosity, and so many extreme energy imbalances, which we are living the consequences of today. A human being is whole when they accept and express in a balanced way both their masculine and feminine energies. Until that happens, the force of duality of trying to fight against, resist or overexpress one energy or the other creates all sorts of internal anguish, pain, and suffering — physical, mental, emotional.

Today, there is a lot of talk about toxic masculinity, which ostracizes men in various ways. Yet we have to understand that collectively we are all responsible for creating this imbalance and we all need to work together to heal it. As women, what we seek, accept, expect and reward in men (partner, son, father, brother, friend, coworker, or other), how we talk to and treat the men in our lives, and most importantly how we raise boys is where our problems and solutions lie. Because in truth, all too often, especially over the ages, we desired, supported, and even rewarded characteristics and behavior that led to the very things we don’t want. As our consciousness expands on these matters, we become aware of the choices and actions we have to turn things around. This means women must stop putting up with behavior that harms both them and the men doing it. We must support men in expressing vulnerability, nurturing behavior, and emotions in healthy ways. We must work on our own internal balance, just like men, to help create a balanced world for all, where there is no need for any kinds of victims and villains.

Both women and men need to become comfortable with men expressing emotions and vulnerability, and stop any kind of judgment or condemnation of men who are embracing their wholeness and expressing more nurturing roles, like being stay-at-home fathers or taking on jobs that were associated with female roles. And both sexes need to stop the condemnation and stereotyping of men who do not choose to conform to what “being manly” was depicted by in the past, including having a certain body type/shape, having a certain job or status, having an interest in activities that promote any kind of aggressive or violent behavior, being a meat-eater, being a provider or protector, etc.

When we each allow ourselves and others to express the masculine-feminine wholeness of our being, we reduce the duality and entropy of this reality and enhance the quality of life for all beings.

Please share this message of peace and wholeness with the men and women in your lives.