Do you realize how often there is friction and stress in your life due to nothing more than incompatible opinions? We as humans are so prone to getting so bent out of shape to the point of so much mental, emotional, and even physical turmoil simply because we get attached and addicted to seeing and knowing things a certain way. And when someone challenges those thoughts and beliefs that we hold, directly or indirectly, we experience all kinds of unpleasant feelings and states of being. We become reactive, lose perspective and act out towards ourselves or others in a variety of negative ways.

Yet all these things that we disagree about or get offended by are all so temporary and illusory, and far from any kind of Absolute Truth. Nearly all of our thoughts are programmed and conditioned upon us based on who raises us, where, and based on what was conditioned upon them. Additionally, the country, religion, government, education systems, and other group-think that we are born into and participate in, further create and paint a certain version of reality for us. We then desperately cling to all these ideas and beliefs due to nothing more than our Ego mistaking them for our own identity. Thus when someone disagrees with us or presents information that is contradictory to what we believe, we see this as an attack on our very sense of self. Yet whether political or geographical, spiritual or environmental none of these things are us. They are all merely concepts, and at best temporary expressions of ourselves, based on who or what has influenced our reality at the time.

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented” …until we no longer do.

When we make the choice to actively increase our awareness, expand our consciousness, master our inner state of being, question and discern all that other humans tell us, courageously re-think all of our beliefs, and begin to see through the illusions, we liberate ourselves from limiting group-think and begin to experience what it means to be and live as self-actualized individuals.