We have many tools in this reality that can help us experience the highest state of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, without creating new or bigger problems that commonly come with invasive procedures and chemical and synthetic methods. But we cannot use what we do not know about, and we cannot use what we do not know how to use.

Life is so much simpler than most of us make it out to be. Want to reduce your stress and improve your wellbeing? Reduce the complexity of your life and fixation on trying to control the external.

Here are some simple tips to live with greater health, happiness, and inner peace from Think Grow Prosper. Do note that giving things up does not need to be negative; when we release something that no longer serves us, we make room for new and better things that are more in current alignment with who we know ourselves to be and the results we desire.

Remember: Health, happiness, and inner peace are not given, they are created. You are as entitled to them as you allow yourself to be.