Last week a study came out and stated the obvious: no amount of alcohol is safe or healthy. Naturally, it was met with resistance of all kinds, primarily from two camps: the alcohol industry and those hooked on what the alcohol industry provides. The latter mostly citing the all too common, faulty idea of everything in moderation.

A few weeks before this study came out I listened to an excellent episode of Ideas on CBC Radio with Paul Kennedy entitled, Alcohol: Tonic or Toxin? in which the leading experts and researchers who set the alcohol guidelines back in the 80s explained that they had no idea what they were doing and should have set drinking standards to zero but no one would have taken them seriously. So they put out numbers that many people have come to live by, as if these were the ultimate truth, when nothing could be further from the truth; not even science backs up those numbers.

Today, we are given a new opportunity, one to see this substance for what it is, something that disrupts and limits your highest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential, and costs you financially in so many ways, and our entire society in countless ways. I like to speak out a lot about this and bring awareness to it because alcohol is one of the strongest substances that keeps people asleep in this virtual matrix reality and disconnected from their true Self. If you want to be fully alive, fully awake, and fully aware then you need to reconsider the habit of putting substances into your body that interfere with your consciousness. Every substance has an energetic vibration that impacts our energetic vibration, regardless of what our personal beliefs may be about the substance.

This is above and beyond alcohol’s negative health effects on the brain and body, given that it is a carcinogen, a neurotoxin, and a depressant. In the article entitled, I’m surprised how happy I am after giving up alcohol, author Catherine Gray sums up the false health ideas perfectly:

Drinking alcohol for health benefits is like eating burgers for the gherkins. Anyone still imbibing under this delusion needs to remove their head from the sandpit in the pub garden.”

Catherine Gray, author of

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