It is becoming more and more common today to run into some article or story that talks about veganism in terms of one of its many positive aspects — our health, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, food security, social justice, and/or enlightened spirituality. Of course, some people only think of veganism as a passing trend, however, the opposite is becoming very clear: veganism is here to stay and will only continue to grow.

In fact, the increase and rise of veganism are becoming prominent in every single area of our society, from governments to public institutions, including schools, as well as food innovation companies, clothing, personal care, entertainment, and other businesses. From celebrities and spokespeople to sports stars and athletes, from young children to the elderly, it is being adopted by people of all ages, life stages, and walks of life who have become aware of the unethical use of animals as mere commodities and of subjecting them to unspeakable torture and suffering that we do personally and collectively, in order to use their body parts for our various pleasures.

To get an idea of the immensity of this positive movement, I invite you to read the following overview, which provides numerous examples of how veganism is spreading throughout our cultures and entire Earth as a whole: Global Vegan Statistics: Why the Global Rise in Vegan and Plant-Based Eating Isn’t A Fad (600% Increase in U.S. Vegans + Other Astounding Stats).

While some people wonder what is behind this incredible growth, the fundamental reason for veganism’s rising popularity and resulting positive movement is simply a reflection of our natural human evolution.

Veganism: A Natural Part of Human Evolution — First, we struggled to survive. Then, we pushed the boundaries of excess with no regard for the consequences of our actions, on ourselves, others, and our Earth. Now, we are learning how to thrive and live with peace, compassion, and consideration, in balance with the Earth.

As our human awakening progresses and our consciousness expands, we grow our spiritual authenticity, mental capacity, emotional maturity, and physical vitality. And this all leads to the most impactful positive change en masse.

The present is being illuminated for a bright future!

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