Knowing how and being able to feed ourselves properly should be essential skills and parts of each of our lives, if we are interested in creating our health consciously. As long as we depend on external sources to feed us (aka fast food, take-out, convenience foods, refined/processed foods, etc.) we are allowing these to dictate the quality of our health, weight, and energy.

Unfortunately many people see cooking today as a “chore” that they are “too busy” for. However, as long as we don’t take personal responsibility for our food and prioritize proper nourishment of the body, we cannot expect that our body will function properly for us. It is forgiving while we are young, but the body’s resilience only lasts so long and today more and more, younger and younger people are seeing the effects of poor eating choices firsthand. Equally so, how we age is directly dependent on how we fed and feed ourselves. This is why one of the best investments we can ever make is via our food into our health and wellbeing.

This is also why, as part of my love for life, good food and empowering others to create optimal health and healing I am committed to helping each person who is ready and willing to get back into the kitchen, and know how to feed themselves properly be able to prepare the right foods — truly healthy, healing foods — in quick and easy ways.

If you are not yet familiar with my Healthytarian work, as part of my latest video there (featured below) I share with you a simple template that you can use to quickly and easily craft the right meals for yourself that will suit any preferences, health and lifestyle needs.

I hope you enjoy and put it to lots of use to make your life easier when it comes to feeding yourself in delicious, nutritious, easy and practical ways!