The extent to which fear plays a role in your life is directly proportional to the quality of your life and your health. This should come as no surprise, nor should the title of an excellent article by Dr. Christiane Northrup Why Fear is Bad for Your Health. I invite you to read this article and reflect on it and utilize the tips provided to cultivate faith and improve your wellbeing.

If we want to live fully and live in a liberated way, and not a constricted way, the following questions should guide us into serious contemplation and thorough examination on a regular basis, as we become aware of each of our fears and inhibitions:

  1. Where did we get any of our fears from?
    (Will help you see they are not yours, to begin with, but conditioned reactions….)

  2. Why are we allowing them to sabotage our life?
    (Will help you see how you are driving the events of your life based on your fears…)

  3. And, what are we going to do to liberate ourselves from our fears?
    (Will help you take effective action to overcome and release your fears…)

Most fears are nothing more than illusions and abstractions of the human mind. Many fears can be overcome by simply overcoming ignorance about a certain topic. Ultimately, all fear is rooted in three things:

  • Our inability to recognize our own wholeness.
  • Our inability to trust ourselves — our bodies, our souls, and the grand design of it all.
  • Our inability to accept ourselves unconditionally.

Imagine if every day, instead of revolving your day around what is wrong in your life and/or the world, you revolve your days around building recognition of your wholeness, strengthening your trust and growing your acceptance.

The more you make the above three your focus and priority in your life, the more freedom, joy, and inner peace you experience.

May you give yourself the gift of a liberated life.