GRATITUDE! Something that we can all, always, use more of in our lives, and our world. Something that transforms our lives and helps us be successful, conscious life creators. Something that enhances our state of being and shifts us out of states of victimhood, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, etc. Something that heals and nurtures our wellbeing.

As the season of “giving thanks” approaches, this year I am dedicating my month of October here to be fully focused on expressions of gratitude. For the last 11 years I have lived with conscious gratitude leading the way and playing a major role in my life, and today am reaping the rewards and living the amazing results of that mental focus and mindset. This is why I can say with certainty today that it truly is transformational, in the best of ways!

Each time I write a post this month, I will be sharing with you a message of gratitude and something I am grateful for. I invite you to spread the amazing energy of gratitude through your own online and offline expressions, as part of your everyday life. Share all that you are grateful for that very day or moment. This is us being the change we wish to see and infusing more positive, healing and effective energy into our world.

And so today I share with you my gratitude for the awareness of the power of gratitude. Below is an image from a photograph I took a few years ago, of some of my favorite wild flowers growing in my garden, to which I added the words “Live with gratitude”. This picture, in a large format hangs in my bedroom to serve as a daily reminder of how to live to enjoy the best of this Earthly, human experience.