Shed illusions of the Self to experience oneness with all life. The more attached we are to our identity, the more we limit the potential of all that we can be and the more we are bound to suffer.

To experience the highest potential of life requires liberation of the human mind and spirit. When we are boundless, it is then that we begin to grasp what it means to be one with all life. In such a state there is no separation between you and I or between them and us, there is only reverence and compassion for everything and everyone.

We have all played the game of life many times over and played the roles of both the victims and villains, of the heroes and the underdogs. The more we expand our consciousness through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, the more we grow in awareness to understand our inherent connection with all of life. We are all of it and we are none of it. To play the game well and master the art of living means not getting attached to the illusion of the Self.