When we live with strong attachments and aversions to the seemingly physical reality before us, it is easy to forget that a life based on joy is possible and available to all, right here and right now. Whether in the best or the worst of circumstances, what we choose to focus on and how we choose to express ourselves will make all the difference to the quality of our life and state of being. A better world will not come from more sad and angry, people, but from more joyful ones.

Here is a wonderful message that can help us put things into perspective on this theme and hopefully apply in our lives:

The Egyptian legend says that if one wants to enter heaven, at the point of entry you will be asked two questions. Unless you are one big “Yes” to these two questions, there is no entry for you. The first question is: Have you known joy in your life? And the second question is: Have you given joy to those around you? If your answer to these two questions is “Yes”, I must tell you, you are already in heaven.

To become a joyful human being is the best thing that you can do for yourself and all around you. Especially when anger, hatred, and intolerance are rearing their heads in hideous ways, joyful human beings are the only insurance. Only those who know the value of being pleasant will strive to create pleasantness all around. May you know the fulfillment of making all you touch joyful.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The video at the top is something I created several years ago as a way to share some simple tips for creating inner peace and a joy-filled life. Observing nature can always help to put things into perspective for us to remember what the most important things in life are all about.