The Earth is changing; our world is changing. Thousands of years ago prophets foretold various changes to come for their own time and ours. Today, modern prophets continue to foretell the possibilities of change for humanity. Many of us intuitively know what is to come, what is possible, and what is the best course of action.

Today you and I are experiencing the change.

There are still many who are asleep, but one by one we are waking up. Not everyone needs to or will wake up at this time. It is a personal process that cannot be forced by anything. But just enough of us have to wake up to put the changes around us in motion for the creation of a new world.

We have lived in a world that was full of pain and suffering for long enough. Many people believe it has always been like this since the beginning of time. I beg to differ. Many may disagree with me, but none of us have any concrete proof of how it really was. It just depends on what story you chose to believe about the beginning.

For too long Earth has been a place of struggle and fear. For too long we have obsessed over territories and guarding what is ours at any cost. For too long we have kept the love for each other locked up, absent, and unavailable.

We have judged, ridiculed, teased, oppressed, and terrorized each other for long enough. We have committed unspeakable acts of violence towards each other, the animals who share this planet with us, and nature as a whole. Some people still choose to believe that this is all “normal” and that that is just how life is. Some people continue to live in these patterns, not freeing themselves to the idea that there is another way.

What many don’t realize though, is that if we continue on this path, the result is nothing but the destruction of the human race. This is not a fear-mongering attempt but a logical consequence, if our actions continue on the path they have been. One only needs to take a step back and look at the whole to see the results of our actions.

But there is hope. In fact, there is so much more than hope. There is our birthright that is rooted in love. There is the nature of our essence (and no it is not to be cruel to one another, as we are spiritual beings first and human beings second). There is the human dream.

The human dream is that of a better world. A world where there are no borders, no armies, and no need for protection from anything because those who dream this dream realize that we are all ONE. We are all one moving in the same direction – the only difference is how we choose to move. At what pace do we choose to evolve?

The human dream is to see Earth and Heaven as one. A place where love and light prevail because people choose to live consciously. Conscious actions, words, and thoughts create life in the utmost beauty imaginable. A place where we all realize we are divine co-creators and there is an abundance of everything for everyone.

The human dream is to strive to evolve and live life from the highest version we all can be. To know that where we are now is just scratching the surface of the magnificence we possess. A life where we understand that all physical disease is the manifestation of a mind troubled with fear and separation. A life where we understand that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. In this world, there are no more limits or limitations of any kind.

Some of us right at this very moment are already living the change. Some of us at this very moment are already living in the new world. Some of us at this very moment are resisting every change coming at us. While some still do not allow themselves to step away from the darkness and see the light.

We were given a magnificent mind and body. We were given a world on a planet whose beauty and diversity are beyond what anyone’s mind can perhaps grasp at this time. We were given free will.

If you see the world as a dark, evil, and difficult place, where fear and struggles are the norms, know that a beautiful world full of beauty, love, compassion, kindness, and miracles exists in this same exact space. It simply all depends on what WE CHOOSE to give our attention and focus.

If you have hope that a better way and better world is possible, hold onto that hope, for whether slowly or quickly, you will see your hope manifest as reality.

And if you see the world as the magnificent and heavenly place that it is, continue to create it this way. By your actions and by your example you will inspire others to wake up. You will be the living example of the “other way.”

The Point of Inspiration

The reflection above was inspired by the video that I featured at the top of this article, entitled The Human Dream. As coincidentally, yet purposefully as things come into our lives, this video came to me yesterday. Sure there are a lot of videos out there, especially with YouTube’s seemingly infinite content today, but this video really stood out for me.

It moved me in ways that both astonished and humbled me. It made tears flow down my face that I could not stop. It spoke to me like it was a direct message to me, to keep believing, to keep hoping, and to keep knowing. It has quickly become my favorite short video up to this point, and I share it with all of you with great excitement and love.

Perhaps it will move you the way it moved me – perhaps more, perhaps less. If nothing else it is sure to give you something to think about, something serious and perhaps life-changing that many of us suppress, push away or hide, out of its sheer inconvenience to make us think and change our ways.

I won’t say I hope you enjoy it – but simply say this: may it provide, if only a moment in your life and day to day, where you allowed yourself to see the greater picture of this thing called life. Do not be afraid to dream.