As I type this I look out before me and am surrounded by trees, water, and a forest landscape all around. I have made this my home for over 8 years and to say that it has been a good choice is an understatement. It has been transformational and transcendental, and one of the most important and valuable choices of my life. Today, I echo the message of the trees, of the forests, of nature, and of this film (video clip above) when it comes to being “well” and being “fully alive”.

Aside from the capabilities of our own minds, nature is the most precious, valuable, healing, and transformational thing we have in this reality. In fact, when our “mind” isn’t “right”, and we cannot rely on it to heal ourselves or consciously craft our lives, it is nature that can put us back on track and back in balance.

But just as it is with anything in our lives, we have to choose it. As long as we blame and complain, or keep repeating excuses for why we cannot, or hold our most vital priorities in some elusive future… “one day I will….” we remain cut off from life in the now. What are your health and your wellbeing worth to you? What are you doing to nurture and protect it? Once you figure those out, may the question that guides you further become: What steps am I going to take to make “this” happen?

It has often been said, and the irony is visible all around: how we treat ourselves reflects how we treat nature, and vice versa. Sadly, because of the unnatural lifestyles and unnatural environments, all too many people on Earth have chosen, too many of us are not even capable of seeing the choices we have or taking action to create a better life, one that is more in harmony with our true self and our human needs.

When the mind is overwhelmed and the brain is overworked, we literally do not have the cognitive ability to make good choices and avoid the consequences we do not desire. And hence, the best most people can do is seek ways to numb themselves and further detach themselves from life, as a way of relief, just to make it through another day.

But there is another way, and nature, especially trees, and forests will bring us back home to ourselves, that is if we allow them.

To learn more, visit the Healing Forest website and for a scientific perspective on this topic, I recommend the book Your Brain on Nature.