Glandular dysfunction problems, which impact the thyroid and hormones are an increasing problem in our society, especially for women, and a result of lifestyles that are severely out of balance with the Self, Soul, and life as a whole. We can turn this around holistically in numerous ways, as pharmaceuticals do not address the root problem but only mask the symptoms, and regain our optimal function on a physical, mental and emotional level. But it means we must be willing to look at our lives, take responsibility, and implement effective changes.

There is some great insight and advice given by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev shared in the video above about the importance of being conscious and present to life and all living beings, staying active, and being in alignment with nature and life itself.

In addition, the thyroid is directly connected to our communication system and is a powerful regulator. In my practice, I regularly see women whose thyroids are out of balance, especially suffering from hypothyroidism due to the suppression and repression of their needs and loss of ability to regulate and communicate those needs due to various fears and faulty beliefs of what it means to be a caretaker (mother, wife, etc.).

However, unless and until we bring back our voice and harmonize ourselves with life, we cannot expect our hormones to be in harmony. The good news is that this is all within our control via our thoughts, actions, and choices, but we must be willing to change. Our body is simply sending a signal telling us that something is “off”. A certain approach or lifestyle got you to this place but in the same way, a different approach and lifestyle can take you out and bring you back on the path of balance and harmony.