In order to continue to provide the most timely value and guidance to help those people who want to take personal responsibility and accountability for their choices and create the best health and wellbeing possible, I am happy to share that I just released the 3rd edition of my book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition.

My intention for first writing this book back in 2011 was to offer people ease and clarity in knowing how to feed themselves, given how messy and complicated healthy eating has been made out to be in our modern society. In 2014, I released the 2nd edition, which was highly expanded to include an even deeper exploration of holistic health and nutrition, the power of the right food to heal, improve, or prevent any disease or condition, along with practical guidance for making optimally healthy eating and living work for you.

And now, the 3rd edition has been re-worked to be even more helpful, offering you a timeless resource and answering all your questions, like how to eat, what to eat, how to handle nutrient numbers and values, how to handle specific and controversial foods and drinks, how to approach meal preparation and impacts of various cooking methods, how to handle supplements, how to be aware of cognitive bias and faulty nutrition beliefs, the influence of the mind-body connection, and more, for optimal health and wellbeing.

To learn more, visit the book page: Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition

The power to create and experience health resides within your everyday choices — may you choose wisely. To your best health and wellbeing! 🍓🍋🍇🍏❤️

Book Availability

Available in paperback and digital form, across all digital platforms (Kindle, iTunes, Google Play) and across all world Amazon sites.