As nature awakens from the deep slumber of winter, each spring season brings forth a heightened and renewed life energy. Longer and brighter days, budding trees, blooming flowers and animals eager to start new families. This beautiful time also invites us to spend more time outdoors and one of the best things we can do while outdoors is engage in working with the Earth and its abundant variety of life-giving plants through gardening. Growing some of our own food today is quickly becoming one of the best things for healthy living and most valuable additions to our personal quality of life and positive collective change. To help inspire you in this area, I invite you to watch the short film (15 minutes) provided above about the Homegrown Revolution featuring the Dervaes family.

In our society growing food ourselves has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can—and will- overturn the corporate powers that be. By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world — we change ourselves.

Jules Dervaes, Founder (1947-2016)

I first saw this film shortly after it came out several years ago and recently came across it and watched it again with even more enthusiasm, appreciation, excitement and gratitude than the first time that people like this exist and lead the way, showing what is possible when we change our priorities, perspectives and focus. We don’t all have to go to the degrees the Dervaes family did, unless we can and want to of course, but we can all do a little something. Something that is helpful, healing, positive, liberating and constructive. Something that goes beyond being just a consumer in a materialistic society, where you are fully dependent on a highly dysfunctional, destructive and fragile system.

So this spring season why not empower yourself a little more? No matter where you are already or what you are doing to live in a healthier, more sustainable, more optimized and efficient way, make another change, take another step and create a better life experience for yourself and others.

My food garden season is still a month away but this time of year always delights and excites me about the opportunity of working with the Earth so closely, directly and intimately again. Whether you grow a pot of herbs or a field of vegetables, whether you buy less or recycle more, whether you start driving less or walking/biking more, every little bit adds up to a lot when we all do something, and keep increasing and multiplying our positive efforts.

“ I measure short-term success by how much I have improved at what I am doing to make my world a better place. However, I see long-term success as being measured by what others have accomplished because of what I have done.”

Jules Dervaes (1947-2016)

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