Time is an interesting thing. Most of us live and work by it. We swear at times that it is too fast and at other times that it is too slow. We build our lives around it. We judge our lives because of it. We are sure it exists and yet… it doesn’t.

Whether you look at your watch, digital clock or think even about the calendar, do you see that we as humans created it? There were various calendars to record time over history. Each tribe or population felt they had understood time and found a way to “keep” it.

We have calendars today, that not even all the people of the Earth agree on. And what about that quarter of a day that just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, and we have to add an extra day to the year every 4 years? Do you realize that had we been another race, we most likely would have “structured” time in a completely different way?

Well despite all of this theorizing, for those of us who follow the typical calendar and the typical 24-hour cycle, there is the coming of the last day of the cycle called a year. As with any cycle that ends, a new one begins. Whether you make resolutions or not, whether you reflect on past, present, and future endeavors or not, I invite you to take a conscious moment to see how you have created your life to this point.

New Year Reflection Activity

I found an activity on the site – Spiritual Harmonics, that really made me think about where I am today and my future. I enjoyed doing it and it resonated with me a lot. So much so, that it inspired me to modify it and make a new version of it that applies to the new year and I wanted to share it with you. It is simple enough that everyone can have the time for it, as it only needs to take a few minutes. Of course, you can reflect on it for hours if you’d like. It is also meaningful and powerful enough to help you focus on where you would like to take yourself and your life in the new year.

I will call this activity “The Unified Creation Template“.

Grab a piece of paper (regular binder size or bigger).

Draw a large circle repeating the words “I LIVE IN A PLACE OF PLENTY.”

On the inside of the circle place everything you plan on creating in the new year. This includes “All of your dreams aspirations, wants, needs, as well as what you want for the planet.”

On the outside of the circle write everything you are choosing to release. Release all that does not serve your highest good any longer. Be specific in those releases.

Look at your creation template. Accept what you have written without judging it. Reflect on how both the things you want to let in and things you want to release are connected through the circle – all within your control, all part of life, neither bad nor good.

Once you have finished, you choose to do with it what would serve you most. You can place this sheet in a place where you can refer to it from time to time, to help you stay focused throughout the year. Or put it away in a place where you will find it when you need it, hold the intentions you wrote on it in your heart and refer to it back at the end of next year to see how you did – whether you created your life with the intentions you set.

A New You

Although a new year signifies many various changes and a call to become someone or something “new”, know that you do not need a calendar date to dictate the state of your life. Free yourself from time and know that you can re-create yourself brand new at any point in time. Every day is a gift to grow, learn, and expand, thereby becoming a new you, perhaps moving to become the highest version of you.

If you celebrate the transition of one year to the next, enjoy the new year’s celebrations, wherever they find you. Stay safe, by staying conscious of your words and actions. Stay happy by being aware of what thoughts and feelings you allow inside.

Wishing you an amazing new year in each and every moment! Create your health, happiness, joy, and peace consciously knowing that you are in charge of it, not someone or something else outside of yourself. May you continue to awaken to remember the amazing being of light and creator that you are, as you continue to evolve your soul and shine your light on this world and all the beings in it.