Have you ever heard anyone say to you redefine yourself What did they mean? The concept of redefinition is an important starting place for my discussions with you, as having the right definitions of common concepts will play a huge role on how you understand the material on this site.

Our society has defined pretty much everything for us, and as a community or culture we understand what is meant when we hear a word or a term used. And if we don’t? Well, most of us will consult something called a “dictionary” which is full of definitions.

But to start seeing life in a new way, to start to see yourself in a new way, you have to first understand that most of the terms our society has defined for us do not serve us any better than most of the other rules and ideas they have set for us.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against traffic signs or things like that, however most of us are limited as human beings specifically due to the limited definitions our society places upon words and concepts for us. And what is worse “they” expect us all to feel the same way or hold a particular definition the same way and then that is considered “normal”. And heaven forbid you stray away from “normal”.

Well here we beg another question… “What is normal?” And is normal not subjective based on time and space? So as you can see these few ideas alone need a much longer and more in depth explanation alone.

Therefore, one of our first tasks will be to redefine some of the key concepts that are the basis for this web site. As time goes on more words may need to be redefined, and by all means ask if there are words you want to discuss with us, but to start we will tackle words and ideas such as Consciousness, God, Ego, Soul, Holy, Time, Absolute vs Relative and Marriage.

So at this time if you are still wondering “why?”, why would such a thing be necessary?

Well for starters we want to expand our understanding of these very important topics, not limit them! And definitely not assume that everyone understands them the same way. With over 6 billion people on the planet from various parts of the globe, cultures and upbringings it would be crazy to assume so.

Secondly, we believe that words are very, very limited. Think of the last time you said to someone, “I am so ________, I can’t even express it in words.” Exactly! There is only so much that can be said and expressed by words, and so with this idea comes its own paradox.
We will redefine the words but in more words!

The only way to bypass this step would be to rely on our souls and emotions. Ah, yes emotions! But since it is that we live in the relative world at the present time and cannot for the most part communicate through feelings or emotions, we are mostly bound and limited to words.

That is why it is so important, we feel, that the most important topics that have a huge weighing on who and how we are get the special attention they deserve and are expanded not limited, uplifted not belittled and finally explained not assumed!