One of the most common things that hurts people the most is not any undesirable state of their life but their reaction and resistance to whatever that state is.

Your mind is analyzing, judging, and comparing every person, place, thing, and life experience against the ideas that were imprinted and conditioned upon it. This is why the wisdom from many spiritual teachers over the ages has been to change your mind, meaning change your way of thinking and your beliefs in order to change your life.

One of the most essential ingredients for a good life is the ability to make mindful choices in order to create a life that is in alignment with your values, preferences, and priorities. Our choices create the quality of our life.

  • Apply forgiveness to your past choices.

  • Apply acceptance to your present choices.

  • Plan consciously for your future choices.

Take appropriate action whenever you can to change your circumstances, but when physical change is not possible, then mental change is essential to living in a state of peace, rather than a state of resistance.