With each changing season, nature reminds us that everything is impermanent and change is the basis of life. Nature teaches us to flow and release with grace. It teaches us to be present and experience each moment, for once it is gone we cannot get back to the past. Nature teaches us to live fully by expressing our nature as whole, authentic beings.

Every new season provides us with a wonderful opportunity to take stock and re-assess our lives. Is what you are doing working for you? Is who you are and how you express yourself your highest potential? Or are you stuck in a rut, settling for less than and living in a fragmented way?

You came into this life experience to be so much more than a person who consumes, competes, complains, and completes chores. Your mind is so brilliant, yet is so often used to diminish yourself and others. Your body is so magnificent, yet is so often abused, diminishing the quality of your life. Your soul is so wise, yet is so often ignored and neglected, causing you to live in confusion. Align and nurture all the parts that make you up to experience yourself as a whole being.

Your life is in your hands. Use your time here wisely.