One of the toughest things for people to do today is not think, or be engaged in doing something. It seems we are always on the go. Our bodies are on the go, and our minds are on the go. Part of this way of living as we know is one of the greatest contributors to many of the stresses we have in our life. We have detached ourselves from the most important state there is—the state of being. It is within this state that we find a deep sense of peace, joy, and stillness.

Each of us spends every waking minute thinking incessantly, most of the time about the same stuff that becomes useless mind chatter to most of us. This mind chatter takes over our consciousness and although we are “thinking”, it is a very unconscious thinking that is quite mind numbing and very dis-empowering in most cases.

Think of how amazing it would be to break the cycle, break the routine and just be. Take conscious control of your thoughts and instead of letting them control you, for one day attempt to control them.

This is one remarkable day of joy and creativity, peace and presence, not only across the United States but around the world.

Stop Thinking Now

So how do you do it? Well begin with AWARENESS. Become aware of your thoughts and take the first couple of seconds and then minutes to realize what it is that you are thinking about.

Once you are aware, focus on the MOMENT OF NOW. Take your thoughts away from the past or the future and just focus on the moment.

Finally, look around you and take in the world brand new, all over again. Look around and take in the sights, sounds and smells around you without any judging, any labelling, stereotyping or any mind comments. In other words just allow yourself to be a silent observer and just be. Are you still aware of what your mind is doing?

At first this may seem awkward and really hard for some, but allow yourself to become aware of your thoughts every time they slip away from you and re-focus. It will take some practice, more for some than for others, but use this day to practice just that – more being and less thinking.

No one is saying you have to do this all day. In fact it would be quite impossible for most of us as we live in a very noisy world and mind-numbing thoughts, worries, judgements and the like make up most of our days.

Hence, use this day to start perhaps a new trend in your life and see how good and freeing it feels. You will literally feel your stresses melting away. Then, try to incorporate this non-thinking into a perhaps small segment of every day and once you get better at it, try to increase your segments slowly.

Before you know it, you will be much more in conscious control of your thoughts and will enjoy the being part of you in a richer way than you ever thought possible.

Benefits of Less Thinking And More Being

Ah, where do I start with the benefits of incorporating what the Great American Think Out focuses on doing one day, into your everyday life?

For starters you will feel a decreased level of stress and anxiety. When you begin to be aware and control your thoughts, you start to be in control of choosing what you want to focus on and what you do not.

Secondly, you will increase your consciousness. This is huge on its own, as the more conscious you are the more you can be responsible for your thoughts, words and actions. No more burst outs that you later regret, no more promises to people that tie you down to things you never wanted to do in the first place or things said that you later wish you could take back.

Thirdly, increase your accountability. No one is in charge of your life, but you. No one is pulling your strings. There is no one to blame for what you have or don’t have. But it is only through increased consciousness that you can increase your accountability. When you become aware of your thoughts you have greater control to make the right decisions for you and have the life that you truly want.

Fourthly, increase your life satisfaction. There is nothing more relaxing and more enjoyable than just enjoying your being. When we can stop thoughts and just observe, when we can hold our words and just be silent, it is only then that our eyes and ears percive the wonderous things in this world that we miss on a daily basis due to our incessant and unconscious thoughts.

Finally, increase your creativity. When we are aware of our thoughts and enjoying being, it is then that our true self comes through loud and clear and out emerge creative thoughts. You are a creator by nature and it is only when we silence the daily unconscious thoughts, that we can bring out our creative conscious thoughts. This is how people find meaning and purpose in their life and no longer go around wondering what is it all for and what is their purpose in this thing called life.

So enjoy yourself today, by shutting down the wheels that constantly turn in your head with a cycle of vicious thoughts and enjoy today by just being – being aware – being complete and being YOU!