Healthy eating has become so distorted in our society today, where food fads, diet fads, and obsession with numbers and nutrients have caused people to lose perspective of what real food and real healthy eating are all about. In the midst of it all, we have yet to learn how to thrive and provide the opportunity for our bodies to experience their highest potential. What we’ve been doing, how we’ve been eating and living thus far, is only scratching the surface.

If you are interested in thriving, healing yourself, and prevention all the chronic and acute diseases that are SO highly preventable, learn how to silence the drama, sensationalism, fads, and fears, and instead focus on creating an optimal dietary foundation for life and healthy, holistic lifestyle. Help and guidance are out there. Whether you enjoy documentaries, videos, books, classes, or local meet-ups, you can make a positive and effective change in your life, but you have to want it first, truly, honestly, and authentically want it. And then, you have to take action to make it happen. Blaming and complaining, or responding with apathy and cynicism are not going to take you where you think you want to go. The choice is yours in how you wish to live and experience yourself.

If you enjoy reading, in the video above I share about the newly released 3rd edition of my book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition, which teaches you how to create a timeless, optimal dietary foundation and healthy lifestyle, based on trusted wisdom and science, to access your ability to thrive!