With cold and flu season here, here is something important to understand if you don’t already: the germ theory is just that, a theory and upon critical analysis, a poor one. “Germs”, which is a very faulty name given to some bacteria and viruses are NOT the primary causes of the cold or flu, and in truth we still do not fully understand how viruses work, which are blamed for those states of disease. Yet the pharmaceutical and medical industries will make sure that you live in fear and hide behind toxic cold and flu medicines, or the ineffective flu vaccine. Your parents, friends, and coworkers will normally not know any better and simply repeat what we all get conditioned with in this society, creating more fear.

The only environments that are capable of producing states of disease are ones that are out of balance. When garbage piles up, on streets, it is that which attracts problematic “visitors”, like insects and rodents. They thrive because of the garbage and are not the source of the garbage, or the main problem.

A similar situation exists within us. When “garbage” piles up in our minds and bodies, in the form of all the negative and destructive thinking, worries, and anxieties, and harmful ingredients from the foods, drinks, and lifestyles we choose that work against our bodies, it takes things out of balance, creates all kinds of garbage, and attracts all kinds of unwanted visitors, which the body then tries to clean up and clean out. But to do this, it needs to expel some things, regardless of which body opening they leave through, it often needs to heat things up, increase cleansing substances like mucus, and often try to sedate you so that you do not interfere with the process, as it tries to regain balance.

This is the time to listen to your body and take inventory of your recent lifestyle choices, rather than try to ignore your body and try to medicate away what you consider a “nuisance” or “inconvenience”. This is the time to support your body, rest, eat extra light or fast entirely, and reflect. This is the time to be loving and gentle with yourself, and re-assess your choices going forward.

We are in control of our health and wellbeing, and no entity outside of us can hurt us, unless we allow it and believe it can. The most infectious things in our world are idea viruses, and there is no shortage of faulty ones spread throughout our world.

To learn more about this topic, I invite you to watch my free video class on YouTube, entitled How to Stay Healthy in Winter.

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