How we choose to continue to live will continue to play a huge impact on the state of our planet. Many of us still choose to live as if nothing is wrong, or whatever is will be fixed, somehow. However, for many more of us, the urgency to change our ways is like an alarm clock going off loud and clear. More of us are called to adopt sustainable habits and simpler lifestyles that in return bring us a higher quality of life, as they heal our planet.

One voice for our planet and collective humanity on these topics is Mike Nickerson. Mike is from Canada, but his message of sustainable living is universal and so timely in our society today. Mike has just released his 3rd book – Life, Money and Illusion. You can read my detailed review of the book here.

So what does sustainable living have to do with spirituality and consciousness? Everything!

Every single day, every single choice you make from what you eat, what kind of a car you drive to how much water or electricity you use affects the environmental resources, the future of the planet, and our collective happiness. Every day you can choose to make these choices consciously from a point of unity for the whole planet, rather than the singularity of selfishness or greed.

Mike is currently on a cross country tour talking about just that. His main ideas stem from introducing the “question of direction“. This encourages people to think and talk about changing their habits that aim for and benefit from material expansion, to ones capable of maintaining long-term well-being, while decreasing impacts on the planet and each other.

As Mike was in my area, I was delighted to have a chance to meet up with him and in an interview talk more about his book, sustainable living and the future direction of our world as he sees it.

In the interview, Mike explains where his passion came from for spreading this message, how economic growth and decline really works, how to live within planetary limits, voluntary simplicity and so much more! Mike offers ideas and explains how we can become part of the solution, and be guardians of the Earth to ensure a viable and promising future.

Mike leaves us with the question of direction – “where we are going, depends on what we see as the goal for our future” and shares some breakthrough ideas of how we can work less and have more, as we take on a mature role of caring for our home – planet Earth.

Here is my audio interview with Mike Nickerson. It is about half an hour long.

To learn more about Mike or purchase his latest book “Life, Money and Illusion – Living on Earth As If We Want To Stay” visit his site: