As part of this post, I wish to share with you the latest from Graham Nicholls, which is a beautiful, heart-centered, and awareness-raising article about spirituality and veganism.

It is unfortunate that something so obvious is often met with so much opposition and justification to maintain the status and comfort of our mind’s conditioned way of thinking, which is based on nothing more than various fears that can be overcome if only the will and desire is there. It is always interesting to see the same spectrum of opposing and argumentative comments in reaction and response to the topic of veganism, whether with or without the topic of spirituality, both online and offline. Sadly, such is the case with the human mind. When Universal Truth is not in alignment with personal truth, the mind will do everything in its power to twist Universal Truth to fit with its own identity and pacify its own discomfort. We all go through this process, going through stages of cognitive dissonance until we don’t.

Spirituality is an avenue of choice and growth, we have the power to be more than we were. To look out at the world and the predominance of violence and harm and take a stand for non-violence, to nurture peace within our own hearts, to go beyond simply understanding the meaning of the word compassion. To live not by justifying our actions, any position can be justified in some way or another, but being congruent with our actions. We can live free from an industry of pain and death. Veganism is not a religion, it is a mindful, conscious choice to live by a consistent set of values.

Graham Nicholls, author of Avenues of the Human Spirit

For more inspiration, education, and consciousness expansion, here is also my take on this topic, The Moral, Spiritual, and Health Considerations of Veganism.

When there is peace on our plates, and peace in our hearts and minds, peace will prevail on this Earth.