One of the most beautiful human beings on our Earth at this time is Matthieu Ricard. He is a humanitarian, a monk, a scientist and author, and someone who I am deeply grateful for and inspired by. He is an example of what a true leader is all about and what our presidents and government officials have yet to aspire to. Unfortunately what we have instead is a reflection of our misplaced priorities. But we can create better conditions for all on this Earth without waiting for those in power to change because true change starts with each one of us.

In one of his latest blog posts, Matthieu shares an interview where he talks about what it takes to move humanity forward, to live with happiness, and the necessity of compassion and altruistic love for all beings on Earth. You can read the interview here on his site: Move Humanity Forward.

Our ethical system will not be coherent until we consider the members of the eight million other species as our co-citizen on this earth.

Matthieu Ricard

On December 4th, Matthieu Ricard also delivered the inaugural speech for the 10th annual Asia for Animals Coalition Conference with the theme of Changing Human Behavior.

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