Amidst the many challenges facing our human society worldwide, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. One of the most positive things to witness currently is the changing of attitudes and habits of the younger generations. When it comes to the millennials, for example, they are bringing about a shift in values and awareness of how our actions impact our health, other people, animals, and our Earth as a whole. We are seeing a greater emergence of cultural changes that are shining the light on the many destructive industries that have sabotaged our wellbeing and that of our Earth. All of this change is helping each of us, no matter what generation we belong to, expand our consciousness and make better choices for us personally and for our entire civilization collectively.

The following article from Business Insider outlines how millennials are killing countless industries and gives a great overview of how the changing attitudes and habits are disrupting various businesses and causing societal change. Here is a summary of the ones mentioned in the article:

  • casual dining
  • starter homes
  • drinking beer
  • using napkins
  • fixation on breasts
  • eating cereal
  • playing golf
  • riding motorcycles
  • homeownership
  • eating (light) yogurt
  • using soap bars
  • buying diamonds
  • using fabric softener
  • shopping in department stores
  • buying designer handbags
  • gym memberships
  • shopping at home-improvement stores
  • watching football
  • supporting the oil industry

Naturally, these new and positive waves of change are not without their own resistance, as each threatened industry tries to protect its existence and maintain the status quo. Even many people on an individual level are expressing various degrees of discomfort when confronted with the option to change their habits to ones that are less destructive to all across the board. Of course, it is normal to try to resist change because we are creatures of habit equipped with Egos that establish narrow zones of personal comfort and security as part of our “identity”, but it is not natural. The entire foundation of nature and life itself is based on change, and every living being, aside from us, moves with the current of change, rather than against it.

Change is truly all there is, and as one generation after another moves through, with it come new ways of thinking, acting, and being that start to get reflected across our society. With each generation, we learn from past mistakes and we aim to make a better present and future for all. Today it is becoming clearer and clearer to most people that we cannot continue on the destructive, wasteful, manipulative and selfish course that has been set out over the past century. With the rapidly rising number of humans of Earth and increased health, environmental and financial challenges something has to give. The new generation of millennials is not only recognizing that but taking action to rectify it. And the more we work together, the more we can create the best and wisest solutions for all involved.

No matter what our age is or what generation we belong to, may we each be inspired to become part of the positive shift and become the change we wish to see in the world.