We now have more than enough evidence from both science and spirituality that BELIEF changes the outcome. The outcome of what? The outcome of everything. In the context of the video above, the outcome of your health and healing — what diseases you will get or not get and heal or not heal from. Your belief changes your biochemistry, and this changes the outcome of what manifests on the physical level, both within you and outside of you, predominantly in your direct experience.

However, what confuses many people about how this actually works and makes some even attack, ridicule, or dismiss its validity is three-fold.

1. Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind

First, “which belief” are we referring to? To just think something “consciously” does not mean you actually believe it. Many people tell themselves all sorts of things on a conscious level but actually feel (believe) very differently on a subconscious level. We are very good at lying to ourselves or put another way, deceiving ourselves, usually unintentionally. This is all part of our Ego’s operating system that always aims to protect its identity, which is mostly composed of beliefs that make us feel “safe” and don’t threaten our way of seeing and living. For example: consciously we can tell ourselves “I believe I can heal from this disease”, but subconsciously be riddled with fears that we are not going to heal, are not worthy of healing, or are incapable of healing, etc. And it is this subconscious level that counts the most and makes all the difference to the outcome.

This is also why positive thinking is no simple feat and has often been put down by various critics of the self-help/personal development/spiritual fields. However, we have to understand that it is NOT enough to be positive consciously, but we must literally be positive at our “being” level; this is what penetrates our subconscious mind. We can fool ourselves and others by speaking positively about this or that, yet stew in our own anger, fears, judgments, and insecurities within the confines of our own mind. To the outside world we may look like a “positive person”, yet internally we are anything but.

2. Collective Beliefs and Universal Truths

Second, we have to factor in two other integral variables: collective beliefs and Universal Truths. The more that we have to work against collective beliefs, (ex: sugar is bad for our health) the harder it is to change our own subconscious programming about these things and get different results, as they permeate within the collective mind, which we are all connected to and part of. If the collective belief makes sense, it is energetically wasteful (and difficult) to fight against it or try to fool ourselves otherwise. If the collective belief does not make sense to you, then either it will be very easy for you to overcome it or you will need to exert varying degrees of mental effort and training to overcome it, depending on the level of your conditioning about this belief. Of course what will make sense to each person will vary based on their spiritual/soul evolution and normally change along the way of their life journey, as we expand our consciousness.

What about ignorance, what role does it play here? Can we just pretend we don’t know or ignore what we don’t like or what is inconvenient for us that is present within the collective set of beliefs? Whether we literally do not know something or actively ignore it, this may or may not work in its influence on us, or lack thereof, and usually has its limits, as again, we are all connected as part of one collective mind and field of consciousness. So relying on ignorance is a tricky way to navigate this reality, much like a gamble with regards to which way things will go for you, as it depends on three main things: the power of your mind, the strength of the collective belief in question, and how much it is in or out of alignment with Universal Truths.

Where Universal Truths are concerned, this adds a whole other dimension to understanding this topic. There are not many Universal Truths, and they are not typically ones you can learn from your mainstream science, society, or schools. These are fundamental aspects about the nature of this reality and how it has been programmed to function, which we are just starting to awaken to and understand, one individual at a time, but ones which authentic spiritual masters have been trying to teach us about for millennia and ones which we can all access and come to know for ourselves experientially via deep meditation that transcends all mental constructs. For example, our reality and everything in it is energy; everything is impermanent; the energies of pure love, peace, and compassion create inner and outer wellbeing; equanimity transcends suffering — these are four examples of Universal Truths, which go above and beyond any beliefs. In this case, it is neither wise nor effective to try to go against these, even if to you they are not yet experiential and simply seem like any other “beliefs”. Again, our mind can attempt to fool us and attempt to prove these are not true, but ultimately our inner state of being and life results will be the surest way to know the “truth”. We can fool ourselves via our intellect — thoughts and beliefs, but Universal misalignment cannot be fooled.

3. Acute vs. Chronic Beliefs

Third, we have to differentiate between acute and chronic beliefs, as this too makes all the difference. If you have acute positive thoughts and chronic negative thoughts, the regular and consistent flow of negative energies will be what will manifest most within you physically and in your life experience externally. An example of this is when someone normally lives with a lot of inner guilt, fear, anger, judgment, or resentment and occasionally enjoys something positive in their mind or life. If on the other hand, you have acute negative thoughts and chronic positive thoughts, then the regular and consistent flow of positive energies will be what will be most dominantly expressed by your body and life. An example of this is when someone normally lives with a lot of love, kindness, compassion, empathy, inner peace, or equanimity, and occasionally experiences a moment of negativity.

The chronic energies of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions — the ones that underlie our being, which we express most regularly and consistently — will always be the most significant and hold the most power over our health, happiness and life. However, it must also be noted that very (authentically) powerful expressions of negative or positive thoughts and emotions can override years of positive or negative thinking and manifest as either a state of disease or a state of healing. So we don’t have to undo, say 10 years of negative thinking and limiting beliefs with 10 years of positive thinking and empowering beliefs. Change is now, and can happen and will happen as quickly as you are ready for, and as effectively as you believe it.

To conclude, yes, we are living in some of the most challenging times in this Earthly reality, but we are also living in some of the most favorable times, which allow us to start seizing our human potential by understanding the power of our mind and how it creates, shapes and influences our reality, and here specifically where our health is concerned.

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