Every act is an act of self definition. How we think about ourselves may not reflect the truth of who and how we are. What we say to ourselves and others may not be honest or authentic. But our actions tell the story louder than our words or thoughts ever could.

Today, it is impossible to ignore the cruelty that humans inflict on animals and the natural world, whether directly or indirectly. It can be overwhelming, in fact, to know how much torture, pain, suffering and brutality we inflict on other living beings. But while we cannot change others or our world as a whole, we can change ourselves, and this is the most important change there is.

We may not be able to get things to a perfect state in this world, where no harm is caused to any living being, but removing animals out of our diets, out of our personal care products, clothes, and entertainment are the most impactful steps we can take to minimize our destructive ways and move humanity forward to create a more peaceful and just world for all humans and other living beings.

Every choice you make matters.

For more inspiration on this topic, read The Astonishing Intelligence of Being from Will Tuttle, PhD.