As part of this post, I share with you my gratitude for the power of the heart. We are taught to see this organ simply as a pump, however, its incredible role and potential are so much more than that. Upon learning about this years ago, and then researching and experimenting with it myself, I have come to know and understand why one of the most powerful things we can teach others is how to work with and use their hearts properly. As things stand, most of us are working against ourselves via our heart, and this negatively impacts our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, as well as that of our entire collective consciousness. It is, therefore, no coincidence that heart disease is our number one killer.

To know the heart is to realize how much the generation of every single emotion by us is either leading us AND our world towards OR away from wellbeing, peace and coherence. Yes, all emotions should be expressed freely, as it is not healthy to suppress or repress them. However, any chronic states of anger, hatred, judgment, guilt, and shame are not only hurting you but also all those around you. The more you express love, kindness, compassion, empathy, joy, and forgiveness, as part of your everyday life, the healthier you are and the more positively you invest in the overall state of our world.

So what can you do? Learn to live from the heart. Allow your heart to guide you. Practice moving through negative emotions, rather than getting stuck in them. Invest in heart-centered relationships. Watch and read heart-centered content. Think, speak and act from the heart, which is most aligned to your soul and its purpose in this lifetime.

To learn more and reflect on this topic, I invite you to watch the short video above from the HeartMath Institute, which is one of the leading world research centers on the power of the heart, and explore more of their findings of the power of the heart.

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