October Gratitude message: Today I share with you my gratitude for people who enlighten others and our world with positive and heart-centered expressions. We face so many challenges in our modern world and there is so much to distract us from what life and our purpose here is all about and overwhelm us. Some of the serious consequences of this include the high proportion of people in our society who are battling states of depression, anxiety, frustration, anger and apathy. This is why it is so important now, perhaps more so than ever, to have enlightening leaders, like teachers, healers, visionaries, or activists who can inspire, uplift, responsibly lead by example and shine the light to guide people in positive directions.

Amongst the many amazing, enlightening individuals I had the pleasure of connecting with and interviewing throughout the last few years. One of them is Jurgen Ziewe who is one of the gentlest, modest and love-filled individuals I have come to know. Jurgen has extraordinary insights about the afterlife based on his decades of meditation and out-of-body experiences. He helps people dispel the fear of death and make the most of this life. As part of one EBTV video episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to him about what life after death is like and what we can do today to prepare. On yet another EBTV video episode, Jurgen shared about the multidimensional nature of our self and reality to help us better understand the true state of our being.

As part of his life’s work Jurgen also helps people understand the practice of mediation and enlightens people about its incredible value. In a recent dialogue, I had the pleasure of asking Jurgen a few questions about his multi-decade experience with meditation and the solitary retreat journey he once took and documented in his book The 10 Minute Moment. You can experience this written interview here: A Journey of Solitude, Stillness, and Meditation.

Books by Jurgen Ziewe