October Gratitude message: Today I share my gratitude and immense appreciation for individuals, like Dr. Will Tuttle who gives me so much hope and upliftment about the potential of our human path towards love, respect, peace and compassion for all beings. A path out of, and beyond all speciesism, where it is okay to love one animal and yet kill another. A path towards love-based wisdom, where in order to liberate ourselves, we must liberate other beings, as the pain and suffering we experience is a reflection of the pain and suffering we cause others. Everything is connected within this system, and there is NOTHING we can do that will not have an impact on the system as a whole.

I first became acquainted with Dr. Tuttle’s work through his book, The World Peace Diet, which is by far one of the most beautiful, enlightened and important books for us and our times. I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Tuttle in the past about how our human culture is set up like a herding culture, which is reflected in all parts of our lives and in our societies, and in how we treat each other and other animals. You can view this video interview with Dr. Tuttle here.

Every few months, Dr. Tuttle releases one of his thought-provoking essays, which elegantly highlights the challenges before us and the solutions that are found in following the path of the heart and being the change we wish to see. Today, I share with you his latest essay, entitled The 6 Paramitas — the qualities that we can cultivate every day to help us cross over to the other shore of greater awareness and freedom.

“May lovingkindness and compassion emanate from our every thought, word, and deed, and bless all sentient beings.”

Will Tuttle, PhD. — The World Peace Diet

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